Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX resolution problem

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Sep 1, 2008
  1. i bought a new computer.i.e assembled.i have a MSI G31M3 motherborad and Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX 19" inch monitor.The box in Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX 19" inch monitor says that it has 1440*900 high resolution.I also know that it must have that much max resolution,thats why i bought this monitor.But the problem is that in desktop->setting.There is not any 1440*900 resolution to select.

    First there was resolutions from 800*600 to 2080*XXXi forgot0.But there wasn't any 1440*900 resolution to select.Not even in the range of 1440.There was only one 1400 range.Then i installed the driver came with the monitor and now the settings shows only resolution upto 1280*768.

    So can anyone tell me whats going on?I search the net for this problem but has no guy was says to use Powerstrip tool but i have no luck.Though the powerstrip tools shows that my monitor has 1440*900 max resolution in its info section but the resolution doesn't show up in resoultion select range.So i guess my monitor is correct.

    My question is that is it due to internal graphics that does support this resolution or something else.Please help me to solve this issue.
  2. Tmagic650

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    If you are not using a separate HD ready video card, and HD video cable to run the SyncMaster, you will never be able to drive the monitor at 1440x900
  3. shoeseat

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    Thank "Tmagic650" for the interest.But what do you mean by "HD ready video card, and HD video cable".Did you mean to say Graphics card?Also there isn't any "1440x900" resolution to select in the setting.Will it appear if i get the graphics card?

    Interesting thing is that my friend bought 2 month ago a computer with MSi 945 board and samsung syncmaster 920nw.and his display is fine.There is a 1440x900 resolution in the display setting.He don't have any video card and HD cable.How does he have this 1440x900 option and i don't have.Also i don't have higher resolution than 1280x768(resolution supported my montor turnes on),i can't understand what is happening as it is 19" LCD.if i turn OFF the option "resolution supported my montor turnes on" then there is resolution availbale upto 2084x*** like i said earlier.But their isn't "1440x900" reslolution in the option.

    Is this because of integrated graphics and monitor mismatch?Please help anyone.
  4. Tmagic650

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    "Is this because of integrated graphics and monitor mismatch?"

    Yes exactly! The integrated graphics is not strong enough to drive the SyncMaster to 1440x900 resolution. HD means Hi-Definition DVI (Digital Video Interface). I have a Nvidia GeForce 8600 PCI-e video card running my SyncMaster 245bw at 1920x1200 resolution...

    In short, you will have to get a hi-definition ready video card and cable, and install it into your MSI motherboard before you can run the SyncMaster to it's highest resolution. Your 1440x900 is 4 levels lower than my 1920x1200
  5. shoeseat

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    thankx Tmagic650. I searched th entire net on this issue and found in intel site saying:
    "Users may be unable to use the native resolution of some displays when using Intel® chipset graphics. Resolutions such as 1680x1050 and 1440x900 are not available in graphics properties."Detail in the link below:

    They say G31/G33 and other higher models may not display the 1680x1050 and 1440x900 resolutions.I downloaded the xp and vista driver they recommended that may solve the issue(they said).But their is no luck with this driver also,nothing is changed.All same as before.

    I am really angry with the intel guys.The older model 945 is supporting the 1440x900 resolutions and mine is not G31 which is newer than 945.Why didn't they solved this issue i don't know.May be they think all will buy decent graphics card nowadays.So why do u put these integrated graphics card then.I don't have any budget to buy decent graphics card for may be 3 month cause they are very expensive here.

    So i have to stuck in the blury monitor till i get graphics card."Tmagic650" can you go to the link above and suggest anything?It might be useful to you as well.They said that "Intel has released this driver to specifically address this issue".But I didn't see any changes.Are they joking or what?

    Also will it be ok if i get video card later.Will the resolution shows in display if i install video card.Are you 100% sure "Tmagic650".Otherwise i may decide to take 17" due to this problem.But i don't wanna take one fustrating.
  6. Tmagic650

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    Your SyncMaster 943nwx is less expensive than my 245bw. Your monitor is 19 inches and mine is 24 inches. You still need a good quality HD ready video card to properly drive your SyncMaster
  7. shoeseat

    shoeseat TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

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