Samsung to buy 3% stake in Sharp for $112 million


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Sharp has confirmed it will be receiving a 10.4 billion yen (around $112 million) investment from Samsung for a 3% stake in the company. The two have done business in the past but this deal will further strengthen that relationship, ...

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This is good news and bad news.
good because newer technologies could reach mainstream in the soonest possible time. a korean technology behemoth married to a Japanese technology giant,
bad because market dominance almost equal greed.

in the distant past, at least in stores nearby, sony dominated the tv and other entertainment appliances market. it demanded a great premium price over its competitors.

then Samsung came as a low cost, seemingly inferior product, oftenly laughed at product exhibits. but now (or at least in the past 5 years or so in my neighborhood) Samsung overcame its bad impression and became the top dog. and still is. and has now the premium price over its closest competitions.

Jay Pfoutz

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Samsung has had some trouble lately. I hope this investment is not a shot in the dark. Otherwise, I'll call the copycatting and reckless investments bad business moves and stare frightened at the future of the company. *nerd*


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I thought that Apple was ordering new displays from Sharp since the Samsung-Apple lawsuit.