Samsung unveils two-platter, 1TB hard drive for notebooks


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Flash based storage is starting to gain some ground on slim laptops like Apple's MacBook Air and Samsung's 9 Series, and we imagine it will get a significant boost if…

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High performance tech uses more energy. This is a fact. Look at how much power an HD 6990 uses. Sure, you've got the best graphics card around there, but it also uses a ridiculous amount of energy compared to a low-end card.


I found to expensive. We are in 2011 and the pricing for so-dimm and 2.5 inch drives are still high.
Did you know so-dimm has less pcb than udimm and 2.5 inch HDD are one of third cost less to builld comparing to 3.5 inch drives. Before 2010 Laptop market share is smaller and higher and price was valid. But last two years Laptop market share is come about 90 percent and still RAM and Drives price so high. I think It's called price fixing. We have to wait some Senator take a look ohh.. in this economy waiting is our business.