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Samsung's A-die memory surfaces at retailer

  1. Samsung's B-die memory ICs came to be the gold standard for memory overclocking, but were unceremoniously discontinued a few months ago, much to the lament of the hardware community. At that time, we speculated Samsung was grooming its A-die memory as a successor of sorts and that may still hold true.

    Samsung produced the celebrated B-die memory on a 20nm process node, but A-die memory will see a migration to 10nm -- presumably the 1z-nm class, which is Samsung's 3rd-generation 10nm process. While devices with A-die memory in the wild seem to be few and far between, Hardwareluxx has spotted a DDR4 module using A-die ICs.

    The headlining advantage of A-die memory is chip density, promising an increased memory density per module and bringing 32GB consumer DIMMs with it. The DDR4 module spotted -- carrying the part number M378A4G43AB2-CVF -- seems to do exactly that. It's a dual rank DIMM with a capacity of 32GB. It also runs at a frequency of 2,933 MHz, with timings of CL21-21-21 and operates at 1.2V.

    Those numbers aren't particularity impressive, especially given how loose the timings are. But this is new memory on a new manufacturing process. It needs time to mature. Samsung's B-die memory didn't start off setting overclocking world records either. Both frequency and timings are likely to improve in the future. Whether or not the A-dies will match or exceed their predecessors is another matter.

    The Samsung M378A4G43AB2-CVF modules are listed over at MemoryCow, with a list price of £128.33, excluding VAT. That works out to roughly $158, which would be competitive with current prices for 32GB kits.

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  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,716   +4,049

    Heat increase, if any?
  3. onetheycallEric

    onetheycallEric TS Addict Topic Starter Posts: 126   +18

    I'm not sure, will be interesting to see. I've owned my fair share of B-die memory, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the A-die memory stands up.

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