Samsung's enormous 'The Wall' TV could get a budget-friendly consumer model during 2019


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Samsung has been known to have the occasional strange product idea. Indeed, in the realm of televisions alone, the tech giant has already launched the "Frame" TV.

The minimalist device aims to simulate an actual picture frame, even possessing the ability to appear translucent by copying the texture of the wall behind it. However, this emphasis on style has resulted in prohibitively high costs for the average customer - the 65-inch version of the Frame TV will run you about $2,799.

With this in mind, some consumers undoubtedly feared for their wallets when Samsung unveiled "The Wall" at CES 2018. The aptly-named TV was a 146-inch, 80mm thick behemoth with a 4K display. Given those specs, it wouldn't be unreasonable for Samsung to attach a significantly higher price tag to such a device.

However, The Wall may end up being more budget-friendly than we initially believed.

The president of Samsung's visual display branch, Han Jong-hee, announced during a press briefing on Sunday that a thinner, consumer-oriented version of The Wall will arrive sometime during 2019. Jong-hee added that the price of the device would "not be as high" as many think, but he didn't go into specifics.

The 80mm version of The Wall, on the other hand, is set to launch this September, but specific pricing or pre-order information is not available at this time.

With that said, we do know more about the device's target audience. According to the Korea Herald, the thicker Wall display is aimed at "hotels, shops, stadiums [and] luxury mansions," meaning the price will probably be well above $10,000.

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Actually the price point isn't that far out of line and I'm sure there will be plenty of takers, but even at 8K it's still a tiny bit large to use as a desktop replacement ...... )p