Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is winning awards for its excellent screen and camera system

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Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Note 10 is a flagship of unrivaled quality according to respected industry publications DxOMark and DisplayMate.

In its analysis of over 1,500 photos and two+ hours of video footage, DxOMark awarded the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G an overall score of 113 (101 for video and 118 for photo), making it the top-ranked device in terms of smartphone image quality in its database. The scores are “broadly similar” to its stablemate, the Galaxy S10 5G, although some tweaking of the processing algorithms resulted in subtle image quality improvements.

In the photo category, the score of 118 puts the Note 10+ 5G in second place behind the Huawei P30 Pro. That device scored a 119 in the photo test but slacked a little in the video category with a score of 97, bringing its total score down to 112.

Over in DisplayMate’s analysis, the Note 10+ managed to set or match an impressive 13 smartphone display performance records.

With a score of 0.4 JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) in color accuracy testing, the screen on the Note 10+ is visually indistinguishable from perfect. It also set a record for very high image contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy that, again, is visually indistinguishable from perfect, and was 25 percent brighter (at 1,308 nits) than the Galaxy Note 9 before it.

All said and done, the Note 10+ earned DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade.

Those interested in the nitty gritty details are encouraged to check out DxOMark’s and DisplayMate’s extensive reports on the camera and display systems, respectively.

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SAMSUNG, after already suffering from the media failure of the Galaxy Fold, is about to take yet another loss due to the lack of a removable battery, lack of an SD card and lack of a headphone jack.

Loyalists will buy this.

The mass market probably will upgrade to the Note 9 or not upgrade this year at all.

Oppo and Hua Wei are making better phones - slowly eating into Samsung's profits, so they've basically decided to "pull an apple" and try to control more profit share.

Here's the problem: Unlike Android users, IOS users don't have anywhere else to go for a better iOS device.

Eventually these manufacturers are gonna learn that their user base doesn't need a new phone every single year - trying to keep up with Apple. They need a new phone when the technology warrants an upgrade that their pockets can handle.

No one wants to spend $1000 annually.

That's part of the reason Apple has to roll out Apple Card - to ensure its user base stays still as prices rise.


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How can the screen be winning awards? There is literally a hole in it.

When I was in Southeast Asia this July, I was in the malls of Manila and Bali looking at their smartphones. Apple store was nowhere to be found. I had hands on with the pop up camera in the Oppo Find X and the One Plus 7.

I personally don't trust pop ups due to the fear of the mechanism breaking, but if I could be assured it wouldn't, the pop up would be the way to go.

I don't know if engineers will figure out how to make the camera invisible under the display without sacrificing screen display quality, but it will be amazing if they do.


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SAMSUNG, after already suffering from the media failure of the Galaxy Fold, is about to take yet another loss due to the lack of a removable battery, lack of an SD card and lack of a headphone jack.

There is SD card on the dual sim model. Headphone jack I always wanted but since I never actually used one I can live without it especially since there is a dongle included. As for the removable battery - yes I agree. They should have made it removable.

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Winning awards. Lol. As if some made up award by a publication has any meaning whatsoever. I'll stick to trying out the phones in store and upgrading based on performance for the price and need over "look it's shiny and new". I've been there and done that. It's fun for a while but gets expensive and old after a decade of annual phone replacement and $30+ dollar/month hardware fees, plus only $15 more for insurance...

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DxO and DisplayMate know what they're doing when it comes to display accuracy but I'd like to see 2 scores for these phones: One for the 99% of the display with actual pixels making an image, and one for the display as a contiguous whole. That is, with the whole hole and its inability to reproduce any color or brightness whatsoever taken into account. Same goes for notch and teardrop phones.