Samsung's next Galaxy flagship will be announced on February 11


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After a promotional video revealing the date was leaked, Samsung decided to step up and confirm the event and start sending out invitations. They’re light on detail though, and while we're expecting replacements for the Galaxy S10 series, we’re not sure if that means two models or three, or whether 5G and foldables will be making an appearance.

We’ve heard a few leaks about the Galaxy S11 and S11+, or is that the S20 and S20+? They contain mostly standard spec sheet upgrades: the Snapdragon 865 processor, 6.3” and 6.7” screens, a plethora of rear cameras. Potentially we’ll see 3D ToF sensors and 108MP cameras. But it’s unclear if Samsung has a counter to Apple’s recent performance and battery upgrades.

Samsung’s invitation, pictured above, also contains some strange shapes. It could be a Galaxy Fold on the left, and the clamshell foldable on the right. Though as it’s premature for a Galaxy Fold 2, perhaps the left shape is just the regular S series. The shapes could also reflect the rear camera bumps, now that rectangles are trendy.

Regardless of what Samsung plans on announcing, the mystery surrounding the event only adds to the excitement. We’ll keep you up to date on announcements with coverage on that day.

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It's always interesting to hear about the newest toy, but paying the extra mark up for "new" just isn't worth the money ....
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New "toy" cost will probably blow out to US $2,000 so I'm out as I'm sure will 99% of the population. Too many excellent smartphones under $1000 to justify such a high priced device.


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My moto z play is 3.5 years old now, and I'll be looking for a new phone that has modern radio band support for VoLTE this year.

The S10 plus is a great looking device, but romor has it the S11 will have a significantly larger (5000 MaH+) battery. If thats true, I'll pick up a S11 plus off of swappa when they hit $650 six months after release, if not I'm going to grab a S10 plus.