scrambled screen in BF1942

By jowi7991
Feb 2, 2007
  1. Yes, Im a bit behind! The game just passed me by and I fell in love with Doom3 and other games. A couple of days ago, the computer store on my street had a sale and I bought BF1942 with the "Road to Rome" and "Secret weapons" expansions. The installation went well but as I turned on the game, the mood dropped; I dont get a normal picture, but a scrambled static noice screen! Even the intro is messed up. Ive got a club3D radeon 9600 (128Mb) card which should be sufficient. 768Mb RAM and a 1.8GHz processor should also be enough!
    Ive tried to install new drives for my graphics-card but the problem remains.
    Could my directX be to new (9.0c ?, but the game needs >8.something)?
    Other games works just fine which confuses me even more...

    Would really appreciate a helping hand!
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