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Sep 23, 2005
  1. Hey, just came across an annoying thing. I've got a KVM switch here which may or may not have to do with it, but...

    When I'm in a browser, so far IE or Avant, the scroll wheel more often then not, refreshes a page, or goes back or forward, instead of just scrolling.

    Like for example if a long page is displayed and I use the scroll wheel on the mouse, it will start to scroll and then refresh the page. If I just roll the wheel like there's no tomorrow, it refreshes continually.

    If I scroll up, it will start going back a page in the browser. On one of the two PCs, scroll up and down will go back and forward in the browser, which is extremely annoying.

    Obviously there are no settings for this in the browsers, or in control panel. And I've since used 3 mice. And there is no special mouse software or utilities installed.

    I would guess it's the KVM, BUT, I've been using it for a long time and never had this issue. And also I always have other PCs plugged in to the KVM in the other two ports, and they never do it.
    So just these two machines, one XP and the other 2000 Pro, have this wacked scroll whell phenomenon.

    I haven't spent loads of time troubleshooting it, but I thought I'd post a thread about it, in case someone else has had this issue, or someone else has this issue in the future and stubles across this.

    Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. ChevronITGuy

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    i've had those problems before too. it's your kvm box. most of them are junk. while switching between the computers you will lose signal, especially with the mouse. it's not your mouse driver or cables (if any). usually the more expensive kvm's work better, meaning, the powered kvm's. i eventually bought an AirLink Slim 4 port switch and have no problems.
  3. Vigilante

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    Well since my last post, I've been playing with it, and it DOES happen on other PCs in the KVM! I didn't think so, until I actively thought about it and tried it.

    When you say powered, that makes me wonder. I have a JustCom 4-port that was about $60 from Newegg. So I don't think it is terribly cheap. BUT, it does have the option of being powered or unpowered. In other words, they gave me a power adapter, but it doesn't have to be used. And right now I'm not using it.
    So I'll find that and power it up and see what happens.

  4. IronDuke

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    This happened with my mouse (MS). My solution was installing the Intellimouse driver. This gives you an applet to change the settings.
  5. Vigilante

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    I found the power adapter and plugged it in, didn't change.

    IronDuke, I can't really load drivers, cause the KVM I'd have to load a driver on every PC I plug in to it. Can't do that.

    There is also 2 other strange behaviors with this KVM.
    One is that, occasionally it will get stuck on a port, and pressing the other port buttons doesn't change it over. I have to use the keyboard shortcut to change ports. Which is pressing ScrLk twice and then up or down arrow. Once it changes, I can use the buttons again on the device.

    The second thing is that, if you are on a port, and turn a system on or restart it, it works fine. Then lets say you go into XP setup or to a DOS prompt. This is true DOS. If you switch ports on the KVM and then come back to it, there is no keyboard control anymore. I have to reset the machine. This also happens in Recovery Console. I have control until I switch ports and then come back.
    Maybe that is just normal KVM behavior?
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