SDHC Class 4 (4MB/s) vs SD X150

By tipstir
May 31, 2008
  1. I just did a test on my new Kingston SDHC and my old Transcend SD X150 on Kodak MD853 HD:

    Results are:

    SDHC 4GB Class 4 rating (4MB/s)

    Free Space: ?
    Used Space: ?
    File system: ?

    Picture count: 3467
    Audio/Video: 80:00 minutes

    SD 4GB X150

    Free Space: 3.82GB
    Used Space: 96.0KB
    File system: RAW

    Picture count: 3533
    Audio/Video: 80:00 minutes

    Between the two
    Picture count difference: 66

    My Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 reader/writer can't read the SDHC. Now I'll have to get one that does. The Kodak can read it okay..Transfers are quick so far compared to the X150 Transcend speed seems slower to me.

    I going to use the Transcend to store 1,740 WMA songs on SD 4GB on a 2GB I have 870 WMA songs. A fews years back Microsoft included a on XP Plus CD a Plus! MP3 Audio Converter. I used that on all the MP3 I had.
  2. jobeard

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    hum; How about an introduction. Your question or point is ... ?
  3. tipstir

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    For those here who might want to buy these SDHC or have SD that didn't get standardized for SDHC logo might want to know the difference between the two.

    btw jobeard I see you post things to. Need to educate others. I just ran some test of my own.
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