Seagate ships 1.5 billionth drive, celebrates with giveaway


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Seagate's been pretty dang busy lately, duking it out with Western Digital for the title of top HDD manufacturer. So busy in fact, that the company nearly forgot to celebrate its 1.5 billionth drive sold! The milestone was reached on October 20, only 2.5 years after Seagate cracked the 1 billion mark in April 2008. Selling 500 million hard drives in 2.5 years is quite the accomplishment, considering the fact that it took 29 years to ship its first billion.

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I'd like to enter. Put me on the list. :)

And of course, I love the fact that Seagate is still going strong. Fierce competition like this only brings cheaper products for us, the consumers.


Seagate 80Gig External Drive

I am very satisfied with your product,as well as the price.

Thank You, Vernon Ferguson


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Yes please - one of those thanks!

I wonder how long it would take to donwload "158 billion hours of digital video". You would probably get to 98% and the internet connection would timeout. Argghh!


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Put me on the list for one of those, I think it might be time to try a portable hard drive now.

That's a remarkable feat though, 500 million in 2.5 years versus 1billion in 29 years. At this rate, they'll be shipping billions of hard drives a minute in the future :p