Seagate still number one in global HDD shipments

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Even as solid-state drives continue to grow in popularity, the storage market is still largely driven by sales of traditional hard disk drives -- and the two biggest players remain Seagate and Western Digital. According to a recent iSuppli report, Seagate barely retained its first-place ranking among hard drive manufacturers for the fourth quarter of 2009 with 49.9 million units shipped, just enough to stay ahead of Western Digital's 49.5 million.

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I've had both Seagate and Western Digital Hard drives fail on me before. Currently i'm only buying Samsung drives, and they have been flawless so far.


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That's funny I've had the other way around the drives that fail on me are Samsungs and Toshiba.

My WD drives seem the most sold in RAID
I have the most Hitachi's and they seem to be the fastest in moving around LARGE files around a bunch of storage drives.
Seagates seem well normal there's nothing really WOW, or Yuck about the one's I've used they just seem to be a nice middle ground.

Samsung I've had quite a few interesting issues with. There the only Hard drives I've ever used that actually over heated... >< There construction is odd ... I had a cat walk on the keyboard of a laptop and the hard drive just failed the phone support guy said "The drive had a bad habit of scratching easily and they put the thing un-protected right under the keyboard. They did replace it; I had two of them the first one got the cat, the second one an old guy hammed on the keyboard out of flustration and I had to send it in for an HDD replacement right after. I sold both as soon as they got back, I had enough of lost data from a little pressure on a keyboard. I've had IBM think-pads that went though hell and back that used WD drives and they all still work 15 years later, and have never been sent in for any repair.

I can't remember who bought out Maxtor but my first EHDD was a Maxtor and I've had it in use for years, I finally took it out of the Enclosure a couple years ago and put it in an old system and it still runs great as the main drive on a kids learning PC.

My top picks in order:
1. Hitachi
2. WD
3. Seagate

But If its one thing I've learned it's all very personal I've ran into some people who have never had a WD drive last them more then 6 months. It's all about making you're lucky pick!


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Don't even pay any attention to Hard Drive brands, arrest me.
I just buy whatever has the capability I want, never had a single HDD fail on me. Ever. Not one.
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