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Jul 26, 2009
  1. Hello, All the search results from Google, live, Yahoo are hijacked by a malware in my PC , when I click them. I read your malware removal instructions and attached the 3 logs described in step:8.

    Please guide/help me removing the virus/malware from my PC.

  2. Tmagic650

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    I only see 2 logs, and you are running XP Service Pack 2 which tells me that you are missing many important Microsoft Updates including XP Service Pack 3. First lets make sure you are clean. Turn off System Restore by going to Control Panel, System, Advanced. By turning off system restore you delete any infected restore points and you make sure no new infected restore points are created until your system is clean. Rerun the 3 scans
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    nice easy problem :)
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    To allow attachments right?
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    A note for your consideration: You do NOT need 5 posts for a log attachment. Click on the paper clip icon to attach the logs.You posted two of the three logs. Why did you think the third was any different?

    An important comment for your consideration: You do not need every program, application, printer, etc. for your system to start on boot. You have an extraordinary number of processes running. This will delay the startup and shutdown times as well as slow your surfing speed.

    Only a very few programs and apps need to start on boot- the rest can be opened manually as and if, needed.

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