Second Hard drive Unreadable

By livemmo
Dec 29, 2009
  1. Computer powered down last night and when I went into Windows again my second Harddrive isnt showing up in 'computer'. It's a 150gb SATA drive. I checked all connection and theyre fine. I go to computer > manage > disk management > and its showing up but its weird.

    It says:

    Disk 1:
    7.46 GB

    Black bar over it telling me its unallocated. Now I try right click it and only have 2 options available 'properties' and 'help'.

    Please, somebody help me with this. I cant understand whats wrong with this drive and I have been looking on google for over 8 hours now.

    Windows Vista 64
    2gb Ram
    AMD dual core

    Main HD is 60gb IDE
    Slave (problem drive) 160gb SATA

    NOTE: I dont care to recover data I just need to get it working again so it shows up. I have no problem reformating it I just need the option to do so.

    Here is link to screen shot:
  2. livemmo

    livemmo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    now status has changed from unreadable to not initialized. when i try to initialize i get an error message telling me an error occured.
  3. SNGX1275

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    Get a diagnostic tool like SeaTools (dunno if it will run without a Seagate drive present), here is a list

    If it fails a test then your drive is toast, and while you might be able to get it working again it would only be temporary. Best to replace the drive.
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