Second Sata stops being recognized

By ExTrace
May 15, 2006
  1. I have 2 Seagate Sata Drives The first Win XP pro is booted on, the other is just for storage- it is also about a year newer.

    My computer recognizes both hard drives when it has been completely shut off and turned back on. This problem just started happening, my hard drive has worked just fine until now. The bios and windows both recognize it when I startup. If I leave my computer running and allow it to idle, my HD will dissapear. If i restart my computer using windows rather than shutting it off or using a hard restart, the hard drive won't be recognized. This seems like a hardware problem, but what do you think I should do? Could it be a bad Sata cable, or a Bad Mobo, or just that the HD has gone bad? Could this be a virus of some kind? Advice would be appreciated. I ran a scan disc and there were no bad sectors, it just seems that it disconnects from the rest of my computer for some reason. Has anyone else ever experienced something like this?
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