Secondary display refuses to work properly

By Brodie0854
Apr 27, 2010
  1. Hey all, hope you can help me with my dilemma,
    I've recently bought 2x "Acer V223W LCD" Monitors so i could finally fulfil my long standing dream of having dual screens. My Graphics card is a "Nvidea Gainward 9600 GT PCX 2 Golden Sample 512mb" which has on it 2x DVI ports and states (on various internet sites) that it has Dual Monitor Support. Im running Windows 7 32bit.

    So, being naive I presume that i just plug in the correct cables into the the monitors and plug them both into my Graphics Card and bish bash bosh i'd have dual monitor display.....Sadly not.

    Ive been into windows control panel and tried to "detect" a second monitor to no avail, ive been in the Nvidia's control panel and tried the same there with similar results, ive tried to do a "Rigorous Display Detection" on it and nothing came up.

    I've tried just about everything tbh.

    Somehow with all my twiddling ive managed to get a 2nd display on the windows control panel display screen, but unlike display 1 (showing as Acer V223W) it just says "2. Display Device on: VGA". but still my 2nd screen remains blank!?

    Ive tested the monitor and it works fine, ive tested the cables and they both work fine. When i unplug the 2nd monitors cable from the back of the graphics card the message on the 2nd monitor's black screen changes from "No Signal" to "Cable Not Connected" so i presume there is so level of connection with the graphics card. Ive updated all the drivers, paying careful attention to double check graphics card and acer monitor drivers, they are all now bang up to date"

    Im totally at a loss as to how to get this up and running. Do you guys have ANY ideas??

    EDIT: Dunno if this is important but when i unplug the cable from the topmost (Primary and sole working display) i get the blonk blonk hardware disconnected sound from windows, however when i disconnect the lower (secondary and none working display) it remains silent, only the message on the 2nd monitor changes from No Signal to "Cable not Connected"

  2. jobeard

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    the primary #1 must always be attached. sometimes the slots are numbered or have A & B marked near them.
    I've also seen a Y-cable to split the video and the monitor ends were marked 1 & 2.

    When both are attached, it appears you can get them to display the large 1 or 2 .

    open any window (even a folder display) and drag it from the #1 to the number # monitor.
    if it will slide beyond the #1 screen edge into #2, then your dual setup is correct.
  3. Brodie0854

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    Oh quick update, just out of curiosity i plugged an DVI to VGA adapter into the lower DVI port on my Graphics card and used a VGA cable from it to connect to the second ACER monitor. And hey presto it worked! Only problem now is that windows is not detecting it as the same type of monitor or connection as the first (and identical) ACER monitor and not giving me the same resolution options, and for some reason when i select the highest resolution on the second monitor (well within the range of the monitor as proven by the first screen) it says that its not supported!?

    I can only guess that the problem lies with a Windows 7 setting that i have either altered during my furious clicking or something ive overlooked (through ignorance or incompetence).
    The Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution still states in Display:
    1. Acer V223W
    2. Display Device on: VGA

    this totally baffles me as as previously mentioned both cables and monitors are identical and both are being plugged in to identical dual DVI ports sported by my Graphics card!?

    Please, any advice is very welcome.
  4. Brodie0854

    Brodie0854 TS Rookie Topic Starter

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