Security Toolbar 7.1

May 23, 2008
  1. Alright, here's the deal: I have this Security Toolbar 7.1, and after hours of trying to get it off, I have failed. Every forum suggestion I've attempted tells me about a Spyware program that I have to download and pay for. Even when it says, "100% Free", it still askd for money.
    Every forum that suggests to remove it from the control panel, I cannot find it on my hard drive. I guess my question is: Isn't there a way I can just delete this, without downloading anything? Now keep in mind, I know as much about computers as I do about how to fly a space ship, so explaining in the most simple terms would be great. Thanks!
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    Most of the forums I know are 'staffed' by volunteers and I've haven't seen any volunteers recommending a program you have to pay for to remove malware!

    Your PC is infected with a Smitfraud Trojan.
    Spyware such as Smitfraud can invade your privacy, bombard you with pop-up windows, slow down your computer, and even make your computer crash.
    Go here and use the smitfraud removal tool :

    Read the tutorial first.. It is likely however, that if you have this malware, you have other. So see what you status is after running this, It may be necessary for you to switch over to the Security Forum and go through the malware cleaning that is set up.

    Just so you don't misunderstand- many forums will accept a donation to help defray the cost of maintaining the site. But help is NOT dependent on a donation and is not denied if a donation is not made

    Everyone wants free help but many don't give thought about what keeps the site up!.
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