Senate committee votes in favor of ending warrantless email searches

By Julio Franco
Apr 25, 2013
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  1. A bipartisan Senate committee convened on Thursday to discuss updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or ECPA, to be in line with the current Internet age.

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  2. I hate to be cynical, but I'll be totally shocked if our representatives pass anything this reasonable. The Homeland Security people will be coming out of the woodwork to foretell the end of civilization as we know it.

    What we're going to have is drives supporting hardware encryption, and PCs and operating systems coming with TPMs and everything necessary to enable it. Concerned individuals and businesses will either not store sensitive data in "the cloud," or they'll encrypt it first. This can already be done with certain applications, services like SpiderOak, and dedicated encryption apps like TrueCrypt.

    For many law abiding citizens, this will be less a response to government overreach than to the threat of identity theft. Either way, the effect is the same - someone is after your private data, and you are the only one who can protect yourself. Given federal criminal cases like Aaron Swartz and David Nosal, I wonder how many innocent parties could survive a federal forensic investigation if they want you badly enough.
  3. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,072   +219

    I don't understand why texts, email and social media does not get the same rights as someone writing a letter.

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