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By somnabulist
Aug 31, 2007
  1. I went away to college and I never had a problem using my cable land line at home. I got here and it is an ethernet land line and when I plug the cable into the jack then into my computer and enable it, it will connect and send packets but not receive any(yes I tried different cables) and to no surprise I am getting very little help from the IT people around here. I was wondering if any of you possibly knew how to fix this problem because I don't think it is my card because it is doing the same thing for my laptop which is running a completely different card, and again I have had connected through a cable land line for nearly a year.

  2. somnabulist

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    here you go. the WiFi here is working, but I need the land line to work and it is not.
  3. poertner_1274

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    Are you trying to assign the IP address manually? If so, it probably isn't going to be setup properly. Open network connections and right click on your Ethernet connection. Then choose properties. Once in there highlight TCP/IP and choose properties. Make sure automatically assign address is selected.

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  4. raybay

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    You really need a local computer whiz who already knows that network, and your router. There are obviously a lot of local settings due to the IP addresses and other info you posted.
    You will likely fix this if you reset your routers... first your cable modem, then the router you are using. Allow the connections to be established automatically.. unless you have a printer or a print server involved.
    It appears that your other settings are what they are supposed to be.
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