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Mar 7, 2004
  1. Hi what kind of attacks and what are the measures to minimise these attacks on the following Servers:

    Firewall & Anti-Virus Server
    Internet Server
    Back-Up Server

    Any Help....

    Cheers EnglishST
  2. Nodsu

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    The attacks you would get on a firewall would be portscans and (D)DoS. Also exploits of bugs in the firewall software. Fancier fw software has measures against portscans and DoS builtin. Firewall has to be a special firewall machine. Nothing else but firewall on it and definently not running Windows. Patching the firewall software and the OS should be the absolute priority.
    The best defence against DoS is to keep a low profile and not to anger script kiddies :p
    A very good measure against DoS is to have alternative public IP address. So if you get a DoS based on IP address you can just change the IP behind your domain name and sidestep the rather dumb attacker.

    What do you mean by Internet Server? A proxy server or a web server?

    You should not get any attacks on anti-virus or backup servers. You have to set up your network so that nothing can access anything from outside world that they don't absolutely need to. I don't see a need to expose an anti-virus or a backup server to outside world. The security you would need on those machines would be shutting down all unnecessary services to ward off nosy local users. Keeping the software up to date is still important though.
  3. EnglishST

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    Cheers that was a good reply and will deffinatly help me Cheers mate :grinthumb

    well i was told that i was to need to have a Internet Server for my workstations to have access to the internet, is their a simpiler way in which to do this, i was thinking of using DSL and having workstations use DSL i was told to use a Internet Server.

    sall i just have the 2 servers the Backup server and a Firewall & Anti-Virus Server with an outside connection for the internet using a router ?? im confused about the internet side of it now lol
  4. Nodsu

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    Ah. The Internet Server would be the machine sharing the internet to the workstations. Depending on where and why you are setting up the network it may be better to not use an "Internet Server" and rely on the NAT capability of your router instead.

    The internet side is easy. You have a device that creates and maintains the DSL connection to your ISP. In the simplest configuration it is your router. All other machines connect to the internet via the router.

    If this is a company network then you should put a separate firewall computer between the local network and the internet. For home or small business use the firewall capabilities of the router should be sufficient.
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    This must have been another assignment question...see the latest regarding topologies...
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