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Dec 30, 2011
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  1. Hi: my xps computer is several years old. Seems I might have had a system fix virus wipe me out. Can't boot. Error windows\system32\config\system file is missing or corrupt. Windows tries to start, but this error comes back. Also there are no bootable devices.
    Would a windows set up cd even work? I misplaced mine, so, would I be able to get one some where? Hopefully free?
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. raybay

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    Is this the laptop version or the desktop version...
    Could be as simple and as costly as a failed hard drive or a failing power supply. It will likely take some time to test all components.
    Keep us informed so we can learn from you.
  3. pappaed

    pappaed TS Rookie Topic Starter

    failed computer

    Thanks for responding.
    It is a desktop tower.
  4. gbhall

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    If you have access to a friendly PC, you could mount your own HDD in place of the CD/DVD drive in the donor PC and perform various tests, such as drive integrity, search for malware, chkdsk etc. You can also recover any important data that way.

    But to restore your system to a working condition will likely take an XP install CD and either a 'repair install' or a complete re-install - maybe on a new HDD or maybe not. You also need to be able to get into the bios, so confirm you can do that. If you can borrow an install CD (retail version) you can install legally from that, and use the windows sticker on your own case. If you can only borrow a specific version from, like Dell, HP, gateway etc, that will not be much use, as those will not install on different hardware.

    Quite why so many people have no means of re-install after some time is hard for me to understand.
  5. pappaed

    pappaed TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Hello: Problems with my desktop Dell XPS. Seems everything got wiped out. Did diagnostics and everything passed. Still can not boot up. All drives are missing. How to get into bios? Please help. Thanks

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