Setup cannot find hard drive

By yeags32
Jan 16, 2008
  1. Hey everyone,

    I have a Dell Dimension 2100 desktop (Intel Celeron, w/ WinXP) and I am trying to install windows xp pro (and wipe out the old windows xp), however when in setup after booting from cd it says setup cannot find any hard drive installed.

    I've read that you can create a floppy with the drivers on it so that it recognizes the HD, then hit F6 (at the appropriate time) and install the driver from floppy and continue setup. Is this possible to do with the dell 2100?

    If not is there anything I can do to overcome this obstacle?

    Any help would he greatly appreciated I am stuck here!
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  3. yeags32

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    Hey, thank you for your reply!

    In the BIOS (after pressing F2 after powering on) I don't see my HDD listed anywhere. The menu options are "Main" "Advanced" "Security" "Boot" and "Exit". The only time I see the HDD is in "Boot" where "ARMD-HDD" is listed as the "3rd boot device". (I am not that great with computers so hang in there with me if I sound stupid). I've checked the connections within the tower and they all seem to be tight, so I dont believe I have any loose connections.

    Does that help you in helping me with what my prob is??

  4. kimsland

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    Yes, yes it does !

    "ARMD-HDD" is not your Hard Drive, it is an external drive boot, such as USB (not helping here)

    Your Hard Drive has not been found, which means it has failed, or the data plug has lost connection (fallen out)

    Someone (yourself?) with hardware experience, (referring to the precautions in the user manual) must remove the cover and re-connect the data and power cord to Hard Drive and to where it fits on the Motherboard.
    With power out !

    Can you do this ?
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