Seven million iOS devices jailbroken using evasi0n in just four days

Shawn Knight

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Evasi0n, the first jailbreak available for iOS 6, launched earlier this week and in just 96 hours time, it’s managed to capture the title of most popular jailbreak ever. According to Jay Freeman, the person behind the jailbreak app store...

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Yeah, 7 million, but how of those have had to restore their iPhone like me?


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Ooooo, that is so illegal, and I am so telling...!:p

Now all I have to do is get my hands on 7 million dimes to drop....


The iPhone 5 was jailbroken from the release date, tethered. Though the jailbreak community stated that they were working on more exploits for future releases and said why waste a loophole on a minor update (6.0.x).


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As far as I'm concerned Jailbreaking is not illegal.
Obtaining free software copies through jailbreaking though is.


The reason for jailbreaking for me is rather simple, to not be carrier locked in the United States.
I use a Straight Talk SIM card in my iPhone, its an MVNO of at&t, I get the exact same service that
at&t provides at half the price. I NEED the app TetherMe that comes through cydia to change my APN Carrier settings.

If I was not using Straight Talk, there would be zero reason for me to jailbreak. However, the Evasi0n Jailbreak has not changed anything functionality wise with my phone, I think that the people that are having issues with their phones after running the jailbreak are either clueless or
apple bashers.
The reason I jailbreak my phone is to customized it further and also, there are a lot of great apps and tweaks not found in app store that will help me become productive. I'm glad that there is a jailbreak.