Sharing Firefox profile between users in Vista x64

By Debbie23
Apr 27, 2009
  1. Using Vista x64 hm prem. My FF & TB profiles & bookmarks were created under the default Administrator acct in Vista (custom profiles - not "Default"). Trying to SHARE same custom user profile / bookmarks between admin & standard Vista user acct.

    When try to use FF Profile Mgr to create new profile under a standard user acct in Vista (not Administrator), & browse to profile location to select existing custom profile (per several Mozilla KBs), it's not visible - but "Default profile is."

    Read several Mozilla KBs on using existing FF or TB profiles when creating new acct under another (Windows) user acct. Instructions are simple, but KBs may not address issues sharing profiles in Vista x64. KBs say should be no problem sharing same profile between users, but maybe not in Vista x64?

    I have "show hidden files / folders" checked under the Administrator & std user acct. When logged in under std user acct & browse to the profile location, only default profile is visible.

    Tried everything can think of, Re: from w/in the admin acct, giving permissions / sharing the Mozilla appdata folder w/ a standard user acct. Custom profile created in admin acct just won't show in Explorer - no matter what.

    All the security features of Vista x64 are fine, but some are so complex I'm sure many users turn off some when possible.

    Tried this for TB - same problem. Maybe I missed an article w/ instructions on sharing profiles in Vista x64, or just need to change secret setting(s)? No help from Mozilla forum.

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,168   +986

    No, you can't SHARE a profile but when you create the new one for each account,
    you can COPY the existing (original) profile.

    From then on, each is independent.
  3. Debbie23

    Debbie23 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53


    I realize if the separate profiles are created in default location by FF, one can be copied to the other.

    Numerous Mozilla KBs mention changing default profile location, in order to share same profile for dual boot, etc.. For Vista, I guess for 2 accts to share same profile, the location would have to be outside of "Username > Appdata..." IOW, in C:, or D:, etc. Vista hm prem doesn't have the sync function included.

    Nothing I've read so far mentions potential problems for program updates (if any) when profile's default location is changed.
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