Sharp IS01 smartbook ships to developers, due in June

By Matthew
May 14, 2010
  1. Sharp has begun shipping its IS01 smartbook to developers in Japan, while a consumer release is planned for June – sooner than the previously expected October launch. The developer version, JN-DK01, ships with an SDK, access to the Android SH Developers Square site, and contains Android 1.6 API along with Sharp's own extended API for "infrared data transfer, LED flashlight, camera, opening and closing , and file picker."

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  2. Sharp and AU launched the device IS01 as a PROTOTYPE...missing a mail software and shutdown the soft a few days after the update...The first users using device 001 are a test users, but unhapiness Sharp don t have plans to VERSION UP the Android to 2.1 firmware...We support SHARP but they don t support us...Android 1.6 don t run FLASH And games and apli based in HD and 3D....the betters one...I think is01 and is03 are to different market and users then don t have a reason to SHARP don t make a IS01 version up....Include LYNX users by DOCOMO...IS01 use a SNAPDRAGON 1.0 gz processor the same of XPERIA X10 by SONYERICSON as announced XPERIA VERSION UP to 2.1 ANDROID to end of year....
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