Should raising the multiplier OC the RAM?

By vegasgmc
Jul 28, 2009
  1. Ive got a Biostar 790GX mobo and Athlon 7750 BE processor. When I increase the multiplier to run the chip at 3.0ghz the Biostar hardware monitor says the RAM is running at 460 instead of 400 but the BIOS says its at 400. CPUZ says its 400 too but says the processor is only at 1300mhz. Im using Win 7. Is there a better hardware monitor that will work with Win 7? Thanks
  2. Tmagic650

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    What is the Windows Experience Rating? When you go to Control Panel, System what does it show?
  3. red1776

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    a couple of things here vegasgmc, raising the multiplier only changes the cpu frequency, so the 400Mhz reading would be correct if you are using DDR2 800 ram. secondly, are you using the latest CPUZ? the 7750 is a relatively new processor and CPUZ can misidentify hardware if you are using a version that was released before your cpu was. lastly the 1300Mhz reading may be due to your power scheme, check to make sure that its not due to a power management function that has it idle at a lower frequency and ramp up with processor demand.
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