By ceazerman
Jun 3, 2007
  1. hi my 2nd computer i built in 04, i recently installed a new seagate hd. 120 gb.s ata 133 as last hd. failed. ok so new hd. installed in jan.07 now it
    shuts down after maybe 10-20 min.s online i know heat is the issue here.
    but maybe motherboard is bad? im runnin windows xp pro, sp2
    computer consists of, amd athlon 2800+, new ultra 550 w psu (installed 6-06) mb=shuttle an35,ultra
    512 mb. pc2700, chaintech 440 8x agp video card. im certain cpu fan is operational, 2 tower fans operational, psu fans operational. any help would
    be apreciated just where do i start?
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  3. ceazerman

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    downloaded everest come up with temps of mb-104f--109f
    cpu-135f-147f pwm104f--109f computer ran for 1 hour and 22 min.s
    after which screen showed --full screen msg. windows encountered a prob. needs to shut down. than tried to restart itself than blew circuit breaker
    on psu, after a few min.s i reset circuit breaker, powered up but no screen
    just loud spinning sound coming from hard drive. dead screen
  4. ceazerman

    ceazerman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    update to last post it was cd rom drive spinning at very high speed. unplugged it, removed cpu fan cleaned heat sink fins, switched voltage from 220v to 110 restarted and got lower cpu temps-45c (113f) good so far.
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