By snipepie
Mar 10, 2007
  1. I am trying to copy a DVD that I have produced from my digi-camcorder using MyDVDplus, which I have done with previous success.
    When I insert the master disk , it seems to go thro' all the correct procedure, telling me time remaining, as it writes to the hard drive.
    It ejects the master disk & prompts me to insert a blank disk.
    After a few seconds I get the message "There was an error writing the image to your hard drive.Please make sure you have 1.4GB free on any one of your hard drives, then try the copy again"
    There is 2.58GB free space on Presario_RP(D)
    There is 180GB on Presario_(C).
    I have been told to uninstall Sonic Digital Media Plus then re-install but this has not worked.
    Thanks in advance.
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