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SiI 3112 - controller just hangs when creating RAID1 (mirror) set

By lardus
Jun 2, 2005
  1. I'm having a problem building a RAID1 array on the A7N8X-deluxe motherboard (which features the SiI 3112 RAID controller.)
    I'm doing everything right as far as I can see:
    1) SATA is enabled on the motherboard (jumper)
    2) both disks are identical, bought at the same time, (250GB seagate barracudas) [the first disk is being used to boot Windows, second is currently empty]

    At boot time I hit F4 to enter the RAID setup program in the SiI 3112 controller. Both disks can be seen, primary is "0 - PM" and secondary is "1 - SM". I choose the option to create RAID set, select "1 - mirror", select manual config, elect to copy from disk 0 to disk 1 (disk 0 already has data on it), then it asks if I am sure, I hit 'Y', then everything freezes - the screen is just frozen at that point, the HDs are quiet and not doing any detectible activity, and there is no change in the display (I assume some progress should be shown). No keypresses have any effect apart from CTRL-ALT-DELETE.
    I've waited quite a long time for anything to change, and it really has just hung. (According to someone on usenet, I should see a \ type rotating indicator to show it's doing something.)

    When I do CTRL-ALT-DELETE to reboot, and enter the RAID setup program again, it reports a RAID set as being there, but with disk 0 being "current", and disk 1 as "rebuild" and at this point I just break the RAID set... and I'm back where I started.

    The second disk does work btw - I have booted into windows from disk 0 as usual with disk 1 attached and disk 1 can be seen in windows (although it is empty as it has not been used for anything).
    I would be very grateful for any pointers!

  2. lardus

    lardus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    SiI 3112 RAID controller - more trouble than it's worth? Or saviour?

    Ok, while trying to create a RAID1 set on a SiI 3112 RAID controller (on Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo) I've come across quiet a few worrying stories of angst regarding troubles with this controller. Am I just getting paranoid or should I listen to the people who say to use a PCI SATARaid controller which is supposed to be less problematic? (And if I *should* go for PCI option, which ones are reputable?)

    Basically, I'd like to hear peoples experiences, good or bad, with setting up RAID1 on the SiI 3112.

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