Simple ResHacker question - change default tab position

By trodas
Dec 27, 2007
  1. How do I specify the "tabed" button?

    I encountered a very simple problem. With some hacking inside desk.cpl I stumbled upon this little requester, asking user to cancel or keep the resolution changes made to Windows:

    The code for the popup window is extremly easy:
    The problem. I did change easily, using the DEFPUSHBUTTON the default action as to YES (Ano) when I just hit enter, however the tab-selection "selected" remaing on the NO (Ne) choice and I, even looking as hard as I can, can't seems to be able to figure out how to move it to the YES (Ano) choice.

    I even tried just change the lines order, placing the NO choice first, but it did not have any impact.

    Anyone who can help, anyone who know?

    I must admit I would rather completely remove the window in question, but I also did not know how... :(
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