Sims 2 Install problem

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Dec 16, 2004
  1. Hailey1212

    Hailey1212 TS Rookie

    I have this problem with my sims 2. My dad recently rebooted the computer and before that the sims 2 worked perfectly now every time i go to play it it says "Unable to find directx 9.0c compatible graphics on this compuer........etc etc.
    I've tried everything from uninstalling the sims to installing all the latest directx's but nothing works. Please please please help. The sims 2 is one of my favourite games and I started to collect the expansion packs. Now that I can't play it I've wasted my money :( :( :(
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,185   +469

    When you say "rebooted," do you mean restarted or something else?

    Have you tried to install the latest graphics driver for your graphics card or chipset? If this doesn't work and you post again, please include your PC's specs.
  3. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    My guess on that is that there's something wrong with your DirectX. There are a few programs on the net that might allow you to uninstall DirectX, then using the Microsoft web installer, put it back up to the latest build.

    That might help you but if it doesn't do say. Corrupt files happen, either because of improper computer usage or viruses >_>
  4. Hailey1212

    Hailey1212 TS Rookie

    When I say "rebooted" I mean he wiped everything off it and it was just like a new computer. What do you mean the latest graphics driver. And what is the Pc's specs.
  5. Hailey1212

    Hailey1212 TS Rookie

    When I say rebooted I mean he wiped the computer and it was like a brand new computer. What do you mean latest graphics adapter. And what it pc specs.
  6. Lilcp

    Lilcp TS Rookie

    The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Installation Problems

    I just bought The Sims 2 Double Deluxe game, I popped the game in the computer and this error came up before I was trying to install it. The message said, "unable to locate required file or file is corrupted. C:/DOCUME~1/Owner/LOCALS~1/Temp/AutoRunGUI.DLL"
    I thought it may have been the disk that was corrupted but I took the game back and got another one and the same exact message came up. I am confused and frustrated over this matter. I tried to re-install it manually but that didn'e seem to help. Can somebody help me with this matter please? Also, can you explain it in simple terms that I would understand perhaps step by step please.
    Thank you all for reading and answering.
    Have a Nice Day!!
  7. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,185   +469

    Hailey, rebooted ordinarily means restarting the computer. What your father appeared to do was reformat and reinstall Windows. Those are two completely different things, hence the confusion.

    Whenever, you (your father) reformat, you must reinstall all the drivers that are needed to run your hardware. Windows natively has some drivers but you need to specifically install others like the motherboard drivers, sound card drivers, modem (if you have one), and graphics card drivers. The lack of the proper graphics card driver is probably your problem here. (I didn't say adapter, I said driver).

    For an example what PC specifications means, see my own System Specs listed to the far right of my name.
  8. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    @Lilcp: did you try running setup.exe in the DVD/ CD's directory instead?

    To do so, open up my computer, on the drive in which the Sims 2 disc is on (usually D:), right click and choose open.

    In this directory there should be a file called setup.exe or similar. Try double clicking that instead of going through the autorun.
  9. mmackenzie90

    mmackenzie90 TS Rookie

    hiya, i was wondering if you could help me:
    i recently uninstalled the sims 2. i'm now trying to install it again. it starts fine, but then it asks for disc 2 which i put in and it doesn't move. it sticks on 23%. i've tried deleting daemon and ISOpower but it makes no difference. help would be hugely appreciated- i wanna play!!
    thankyou! mmackenzie X

    PS- i'm completely clueless with computers so please answer in a simple way for my simple brain!

  10. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    hmmm i'll try and help you solve your problem though i can't guarantee any results. For starters, i don't think that Daemon or any other software at that fact are at fault here.

    1. Are you installing the game via physical medium (e.g. CD or DVD) or via game images?

    If you're trying to install from a physical medium, it would be a good idea to check if you have a heavily scratched up disc or similar as that can cause it to get stuck at 23%.
  11. mmackenzie90

    mmackenzie90 TS Rookie

    Yep i'm installing via CD ROM. the disc isn't heavily scratched. i just tried to save the data saved on the ddiscs onto my computer- but again disc 2 wouldn't work. it said it had a CRC error. What does this mean and is there a way i can fix it?

    Thanks for your help! X
  12. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    I see, that means that your drive is unable to read the data off the disc (CRC check if i'm not mistakened is like a hashsum check, which makes sure that the data being installed is correct and not corrupted, thats basically it). I have three solutions for you.

    1. If you have any Optical drive cleaning discs, you should use that and then try to see if you can read the disc. Another thing is if you have another optical drive, try installing it from that drive

    2. If you have any of those scratch removal stuff, nows the time to use it though if you say the disc isn't heavily scratched my guess would be a dirty optical lens on your drive.

    3. Now, this is if you own an original version of the Sims 2. On a normal basis i don't really condone downloading of these kind of things but if you own an original copy and your 2nd disc got scratched up, i don't see why not. What you can do is download the 2nd disc off the internet (i won't say where due of course issues).

    EDIT:, This site has a free edition of their software for you to be able to burn cd images and the like should you require to do so.

    Good luck :D
  13. mmackenzie90

    mmackenzie90 TS Rookie

    Thank you very much for all your help! I'll try that website, cause it is my own disc and i don't have any cleaning stuff.

    Thank you again for all your help! X
  14. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    no problems, feel free to drop by again should you encounter any problems.
  15. Godzaghe

    Godzaghe TS Rookie

    Ive never played Sims, maybe i should give it a go...
  16. breanna

    breanna TS Rookie


    okay, so i have had the sims 2 for awhile now and it has always been fine. recently, i have got my game back from a friend because i was going to try and play it after reinstalling it. okay so everything was going fine but i kept getting notices up on my screen, problems with blah blah blah. i had my boyfriend, whos a tech geek, try to help me fix it and it worked, well sort-of. since i have most of the sims 2 games, i think something might have happened with my sims 2 seasons. when i went to play after just installing the 1st sims 2 the neighborhood that was suppose to be pleasantview or w/e was renamed, weather0, i am sooo confused. i have tried everything i could think of, even my boyfriend did everything he could think of but nothing seems to work. i have nightlife, univ., orig., glam stuff, happy holidays, pets, cele. stuff, h&m fashion stuff, and seasons. i really need help!!!
    i dont know what is going on. right now there is a message saying that the game was not installed properly or i need to reinstall it after i tried to install the univ. right after installing the orig. just a few minutes ago. if someone knows how i could fix that, please let me know.
  17. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    Now, i've not played with the Sims2 for a very very very long time so i can't really say that i've experience with that happening to me before.

    What i can suggest though, is doing a "clean uninstall". I'm not sure if you have any saved games left or stuff like that which you'd like to keep so it'd be best if you had back ups from those....

    From what i remember, the saved games from all the further expansion packs don't work with the original ones, though i could be mistakened. Maybe thats why your town was renamed, because its reading everything wrongly, and thats what possibly could be causing the crash.

    Its a bit long winded but what i suggest that you do is uninstall EVERYTHING, back up and remove your saved games from the folder (i can't remember where its kept in anymore, but try to check my documents for any folders called Sims 2 which may be a sub folder in something like "My Games" or similar, AND/OR check "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts(or EA Games)\Sims 2". This is the default install location)

    Once you've installed Sims 2, test that it works, play for a few minutes, then slowly install all the following add ons into it, testing that it works each time that you go.

    Thats just how i would do it, so i'm not sure how helpful it would be to you. Regardless, i'll help if you need anything further. Good Luck
  18. breanna

    breanna TS Rookie

    could anything like norton internet security be doing anything to screw it up to? i searched the internet all last night to try and find answers, thank you by the way for replying, and i had heard that running virus thingys could do that. ive tried cleaning the disks too. my boyfriend has this program thingy that gets rid of everything completely, even all the left over files. dont know what its called. but after i put in the university game after the org. a message comes up saying like it was uninstalled or installed unproperly and that the installation for the univ. will now terminate. i hate it. i mean i had just installed that game. so i go back and do it again and that one message keeps popping up. gah!!
  19. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    i'm highly doubtful that norton security would mess things up. Unless one of your files is infected with a virus (which i'm sure you would've noticed) there is really no real big chance of it affecting the game. Thats just my opinion on it, i've played the game plenty of times (my sister loves it too) and i have all sorts of internet security running and i've never had problems like these.

    What do you mean by "cleaning the disks" by that do you mean the CDs/ DVDs at which you install it from? it would be highly unlikely it'd be issues with the CD and DVD's, because if there were problems with them the error would show while installing, and not in the game itself.

    Well, your boyfriend's program would be able to clean those, but unless its targeted at sims 2 itself, it wouldn't be able to clean out the saved games and the like. It won't be labeled as thrash or unused files by the computer so you'd have to manually remove them unfortunately. If you or your boyfriend think otherwise you could always hand me the name of that program and i'll look up whether it does or not ^^

    So let me get this straight on what you did:
    1. Install the Sims 2.
    2. Install University for Sims 2.

    I remembered something like this, make sure you didn't patch the game up to a higher version (hope you understand what that means) before installing University. That might be why its causing that. You said it doesn't install University though, but can original Sims 2 still play well?

    Try to relax on this, i'll try to help you in any way that i can or know :)
  20. coolcuke1

    coolcuke1 TS Rookie

    hi so i just downloaded sims 2 and im at the point were im about to like kill something because im so frustrated ok so i try to open it up and it just says please re-install the sims 2. and i cant really do that because i downloaded it.
  21. coolcuke1

    coolcuke1 TS Rookie

    oh and it says a required resource was not found then please re install it.
  22. coolcuke1

    coolcuke1 TS Rookie

    please help me
  23. Chloe19

    Chloe19 TS Rookie

    Im new to the site so don't have a clue what I am doing.
    I am also having the same problem except the Sims 2 I have is only one disk because you have to have the first one, which I do. But getting to the point...whenever it gets to 75% it says : A Problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'D:\TSData\Res\Sound\Voice3.package'from the media. And so on. So I press retry a couple of times then it downloads for a bit but then around 80% it pops up again. Whenever I get to a 100% (which is rare) it comes up again!!!... then doesn't work! Its driving me Mad!
    I have read some of the suggestions and Im no Computer boff so I have no idea about any virtual drive and so on!
    Can anyone please point out the basics and help me please! I am clueless and whenever Error strikes it gets me so annoyed. Should I buy another game or just not bother?


  24. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,185   +469

    Is it the same problem file most of the time?
  25. Chloe19

    Chloe19 TS Rookie

    Most of the time it is the same problem file, but sometimes it says another. I've tried reading peoples suggestions but I cannot seem to grasp onto it. I am no computer whizz so its like reading a different language I don't understand.
    Whenever I press retry when it says a problem occurs it loads and jams. Please Please Please Please Please help me. When I first bought the game it downloaded fine onto the laptop but then the laptop got a virus so the computer guy wiped everything off it! So now when I try and install it again it just won't. I don't have 4 disks I only have 1 sims 2 disk which is what the shop gave me. Anyway if anyone has tips then feel free to let me know!
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