Sims 2 - Windows Dont Seem To Let Light In :s

By dan1span
Nov 23, 2004
  1. Ive recently baught sims 2 and all seems well until i place windows. I havent noticed any of the other bugs as of yet, but when i place windows the room doesnt seem to light up. Ive palced windows all around the room repeatedly and still no luck.

    I have searched the web for advice on how to fix this problem but found nothing ! im guessing people are aware of this problem and the fix will be put on the latest patch, or am i wrong ?

    Could some 1 please help as it is very irritating :) i was hoping sims 2 could drive me away from football manager 2005, but with the window bug, it isnt happening :D

    Thanks Dan :slurp:
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