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Feb 28, 2016
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  1. Hello. My question is in regards to potential laptop performance. Please forgive my ignorance in advance for most of this is quite new to me. I am wanting to upgrade the ddr3 ram in my laptop and also have an 850 Samsung ssd installed. My first question is this. What is the difference between single channel memory and duel channel memory? I ask because I was told my new laptop has single channel. 8 gigs of ddr3 to be exact. I have little doubt that I will see some performance increase with a ssd upgrade however due to my lack of understanding with certain aspects of computing I'm very unsure of the memory upgrade. My system specs are the following. amd fx 8800p w/8 gigs system memory. 1 tb hd. r7 intergrated gpu and an r9 385 gpu 4 gigs ddr5 memory. model is a Lenovo y700 available only at best buy. Also I was told it has an m.2 slot for a m.2 ssd but it will not be reconized by the system due to Lenovo not providing the traffic lanes for it to work whitch is what made me decide to go with the sata type ssd. Last I was told to go with 1600 ddr3 stick and not the 2133 stick because again even though the computers cpu will work with it for reasons unknown to me it will also not recognize it pretty much being a waste of money. Any insight would be extremely helpful. thank you doug.
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    "Cackle...cackle...cackle... when we three meet again"

    "The weird sisters, hand in hand,
    Posters of the sea and land,
    Thus do go about, about:
    Thrice to thine and thrice to mine
    And thrice again, to make up nine."

    Enter Macbeth

    It is just plain witchery, though wiki explanations only take 2-3 hours to comprehend (be sure not to miss the explanation of ganged vs unganged which matters more now with multi-core)

    This article covers it in less than 20 pages

    Tom's Hardware has a terrific forum on memory with super 'sticky's'

    As far as what to buy, I have found it absolutely essential to stick to the 'compatible memory' (sometimes called 'supported memory') list published by the manufacturer for every motherboard. They are all different and no longer easy to specify like it was when I started building 386 PCs 30 years ago.

    As to SSD, it's bleeding edge stage still...I'm a bit surprised it works as well as it does (speaks the proud owner of Samsung EVO 840).
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    I recall a while back seeing some evaluations of "dual channel" mode versus single channel - for the most part, there was no noticeable advantage.

    The SSD will make a dramatic change.
  4. Douglas2011

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    Thanks for the articals as I'm sure it will have some helpful information. Lots of times I just need to be pointed in the right direction and then hope to comprehend it.
  5. Cycloid Torus

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    Since there are 1/2 dozen different Lenovo Y700 variations, do be sure to look up your specific model on the manufacturer's website - small difference (revision for motherboard, BIOS, etc) can mean that you get the wrong stuff (as I have learned by experience - I have some RAM here for sale cheap...).
  6. Douglas2011

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    Ok thanks. As for the model of my laptop I believe it to be easy to id for the fact that it is a Best Buy exclusive and its the only mad version with the fx 8800p and r9 385 Gpu. I am not positive but I think it's called the y700 act. If you have ddr3L sticks to sell I just might be interested provided I find out what kind I need. My ambition is to bump it up to16gig and even though the cup is capable of the better ddr3 2133 sticks it will not be recognized in my laptop so I think I must stick with 1600 ddr3L. Thanks again.

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