SIS 315 Problems in XP

By Derek Turner
Dec 18, 2003
  1. I have a SIS301 chipset on my display card with 128 mb and a 160Mhz processing capability. The Apollo 3D thrill driver works great on it but this is my problem.

    In Windows 98 it works excelent. No problems with any games, but now with XP Warcraft 3 Reighn of Chaos only gives shitty lines across the monitor. The display did the same in Win98 if I had me display set above 800 x 600 60Mhz. Also Tony Hawk Proskater 4 say it cant initialize the graphics engine. The apollo 3d thrill driver is not digitally signed. I've downloaded several drivers from but none ov these solve the problem.

    My TV out works great and no problems with DVD's AVI's or Mpeg.

    Motoracer 3 and GTA 2 does not want tot work on XP at all. Keeps on saying it encountered a problem even before it starts. Could this also be because of my graphics card.

    PS. I also updated the display driver with Microsofts updates and still the same problem.
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