Slingbox Pro-HD and SlingLink Turbo review

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Some of the best inventions are envisioned when ordinary people find a void in the marketplace and aim to exploit it. The Slingbox concept was developed by two sports fans in 2002 when they were away from home and missed some key MBL baseball games. Three years later, the Slingbox became a reality.

The Slingbox is a placeshifting/media extending device, meaning that it allows you to listen or watch media remotely over the Internet. The latest Slingbox model is eloquently called the Slingbox Pro-HD, as its name suggests, the Pro-HD offers high-definition streaming to Windows-based systems out of the box as well as other notable improvements over the previous Slingbox Pro.

We will also be taking a look at the optional SlingLink Turbo 1-Port accessory which lets you extend your wired connectivity at home using power lines.

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Great review. I keep trying to convince myself I need to get one of those, or something similar. But inevitably I can't seem to get over the hill.
If you don't need HD, there are cheaper versions of the Slingbox that work quite as well.

Though if you already have a speedy connection (upload speed especially), streaming in HD is definitely a nice plus to have.
Since the latest Freeview updates, the Slingbox internal Freeview unit of the PRO and PRO-HD boxes will not let you scan channels in the UK in most if not all regions.

This is a hardware/firmware fault. Sling Media who produce the product seem to be ignoring customers who are asking for them to update the firmware to cure this.

If you are in the UK and are contemplating buying any Slingbox then bear in mind you will NOT be able to use the internal Freeview Tuner unless or until Sling Media correct the fault.

After almost two years, numerous complaints by customers, and extensive postings on Sling's own forum (which they have never 'acknowledged or contributed to', this Freeview matter is unresolved.

Please be aware, or make yourself aware by reading about it on their Forum, that the Company cannot be relied upon to provide customer support on this key issue, and as they have ignored it re. the Sling PRO and PRO-HD boxes, they are unlikely to do so for any of their current or new products.