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By buboy
Dec 3, 2004
  1. Hi all,

    I got a new PC. Pentium 2.4 Gz on P4VMM2 board with single 256 MB DDR, 80GB HD, running XP pro. My problem is that everything is so slow. Wndows takes at least 30 minutes to complete loading and PC power on's again after system shutdown. All other programs are also so slow. I tried reformating HD and reloading windows 3x already but still the same. PLan to return the unit to supplier but to bothersome and was hoping there is an easy fix somewhere.

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    Well you can check in the BIOS to make sure your CPU is operating at the proper frequency. Also once in Windows you can go to the Even Viewer to check for any problems that come up while in Window$. You can also enable boot logging to see why it is taking so long to boot up by typing in MSCONFIG into the Run dialogue. Then on the boot.ini tab click /bootlog. This will show you where it is hanging and having problems. Hope this helps.

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