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Slow Sata Drive Problem

By Dissevered
Mar 14, 2010
  1. Need some help here, I am stumped. Long story though so I apologize for the wall of text.

    Specs: (I know that my comp speed isn't problem)

    -AMD Phenom 9600 quad core 2.31ghz
    -4gb ddr2
    -nvidia 8800gtx with up to date drivers
    -windows xp sp3


    I ran 2 IDE hard drives for the longest time. I recently purchased a SATA 1TB seagate 7200rpm drive. Windows still runs on one of the IDE drives, haven't had time to reinstall. EVERY game I had ran beautifully on my IDE drives. I have played many hardware intensive games like crisis, grid, devil may cry 4, etc.


    Load times from anything on the SATA drive are garbage. I recently reinstalled grid onto the SATA drive. The games take literally 4-5 minutes to load anything, and as it is loading, the game is very choppy. Once I get into the racing part of the game, it is smooth sailing. I play 2 other games that have a similar issue.

    I downloaded HDtune and ran a benchmark test. My 81gb IDE drive averages a 55mb/s transfer rate. My SATA drive averages a 1.7mb/s transfer rate. Also, it seems odd that the IDE drive fluctuates from 40 to 65 mb/s where the SATA just holds a steady constant 1.7, like its being choked.

    I don't have a clue... I am not extremely computer smart, but I know the basics. I try to keep my computer free of viruses and spyware, and keep my drivers up to date. My machine is clean and smooth running, something just isn't working right with this SATA drive.
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    some ponders, for, to consider,

    You didn't state with which connection you are using to access your new SATA drive if your using a 'gateway' converter to covert the signal to a IDE main board plug (connection).
    Your MOB is SATA ready connection and your IDE HDD are / were using the reverse connection of the above connector
    You are now using a RAID card to interconnect your new HDD through a PCI slot
    Is it that your BIOS is not recognising your HDD lager than 132Gb
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Get the latest chipset drivers for your MOBO and then get any drivers needed for SATA but mostly if your MOBO (motherboard) should have test drivers included. Did you enable anything in your BIOS for SATA drives. On my order systems with IDE for Windows and SATA for data the SATA is quick and the IDE is Fast. So you need to go back and double check. Sometimes the PSU (power supple unit isn't pushing out the right wattage.
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