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Slow sudden, random freezing. Need Help solving!

By Muzikman20
Jan 28, 2007
  1. I have seen a lot of posts on this or a similar subject and have read them all and they dont seem to fix my issue. I decided to post a new thread because people dont usually tend to scroll all the way through old threads and much as new.

    Here is my issue. I built a computer from the ground up. I got the original barebones kit from TigerDirect.com and bought all the remaining needed components mainly from Newegg.com and a few from TigerDirect.com as well. When I first purchased and built never had any issues or problems no BSOD's or random freezes. But now over time they seem to be happening more frequently and at weird places like watching a movie at theduel.mtv.com or even while searching a myspace.com page. The computer just completely locks up. No mouse movement, no sound, no nothing. Have to hold in power button in on computer to turn off then reboot it. :confused:

    I have replaced just about every part within the computer to try and figure out what is causing the problem because I am beyond frustrated with this :mad: . I will list a full spec list and what ive replaced and what i have done.

    Motherboard/chipset = MSI VIA P4M266A + 8237 Chipset Based (P4MAM2-V)
    CPU = Intel Celeron D (2.93 GHz)
    Power Supply = Rosewill 550w
    RAM = 2 GB Kingston RAM (2x 1GB PC2100 CL2 184-pin DIMM)(KVR266x64C2/1G)
    Heatsink/Fan = Intel stock
    Graphics Card (AGP) = ATI RADEON x1300 XGE (600MHz VPU/512 MB DDR 2 Memory)
    Harddrives = 4 Total (Seagate = 2x320 GB eide)(1 Western Digital 160 GB eide)(1 Western Digital 120 GB eide)
    DVD Drive = 1 LiteOn 48x CD-rw/16x DVD-rw

    What ive done to date.
    replaced power supply from a stock to the Rosewill 550w
    replaced the RAM from pqi/ultra 768MB to Kingston 2 GB
    replaced video card from a ATI RADEON 9200SE(no fan on card) to the ATI RADEON x1300 XGE(fan on card) (60 dollar card to a 175 dollar card)
    replaced main windows drive from a 40 GB maxtor diamond series to the Western Digital 120 GB* (*This drive is used solely for windows and a few misc. programs installed to the Programs Files folder. etc. WinRAR)

    As you can see theres not much more to replace as I have replaced almost everything already. I also have bought and am awaiting on a new heatsink/fan and some artic silver 5 thermal paste I am going to change and apply. Should be here mid-week.

    I have also been monitoring the temps of the computer through a program called PC Alert 4. the temps are as follows.
    Idle/Low load = 46' C CPU / 31' C System
    Max Load = 63' C CPU / 41' C System

    These seem to be normal temps for a high end system and so I dont think that could be causing the freezing, but ive purchased the new heatsink/fan and thermal paste just to rule that out as well.

    I've done the whole format and re-install windows about 3 times to no avail. I've run memtest86 before and after the RAM swap and both seem to be fine. I've checked system/event logs and the whole nine, nothing there. I mean I'm really running out of options here and I don't know what else to do or try.

    Any help with this is 100% appreciated no matter how out of this world the idea may sound I'll try it. I'd rate myself pretty high for my tech level so any ideas should be able to be handled.

    I'm almost down to the wire and am going to do a reward to whoever fixes this problem thats how frustrated I've actually become :mad: .

    Thanks in advance.
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