Snapchat goes all-in on original content push with Snap Originals

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Snap’s original video push reached new heights on Wednesday with the debut of Snap Originals, a collection of a dozen original shows produced specifically for Snapchat.

Shows premiering today include Endless Summer, a docuseries that follows two Internet influencers in Laguna Beach, California; Class of Lies, a scripted show about two college roommates that operate a successful true-crime podcast; and Co-Ed, another college show that follows roommates as they navigate their freshman year.

As you would expect from Snapchat, all shows are shot vertically with the average episode lasting about five minutes. Revenue will come courtesy of unskippable six-second video ads that’ll be shown a couple of times per episode.

Sean Mills, head of original content at Snap, told The Verge that he feels like he’s watching the beginning of a fundamentally new medium “where people are just waking up to how you have to take a very different creative approach.”

Mills probably isn’t wrong. As mobile devices continue to reshape media habits, we’re seeing more creators turn to alternate platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to host original content. These networks have their finger on the pulse of today’s youth and it only makes sense to target them where they spend their time – in front of a smartphone screen.

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Well you can definitely tell from those promotional original series photos which demographic they're targeting.
The amount of self absorbed, pretentious little children that are floating about on social media is ridiculous. Age range from around 10 to 25. Joe Rogan nailed it on the Elon Musk podcast. This mainly applies to girls/young women.
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"Sean Mills, head of original content at Snap..."people are just waking up to how you have to take a very different creative approach.”"
If what I see in those promo's is called 'creativity' then there is no hope left...
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