Snowden says the NSA was actually responsible for the 2012 Syrian internet blackout

Justin Kahn

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Back in 2012, Syria had a nation wide internet black out for two days. Local government officials claimed it was a result of some kind of terrorist attack, but according to Edward Snowden, US agents accidentally took the country's internet...

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There's some spook journal out there similar to Science that covers all of the United States' cutting edge classifieds. It's probably filled with some pretty impressive and alarming stuff. You haven't heard of this journal because its actually important.

There is also, right next to the standard issue NSA commode, a magazine that details America's various clandestine exploits. It has Snowden's leaks, this new guy's leaks, and other neat intel. It is the spook version of Salon, and agents read it because it's fun.


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Does anybody in their right mind actually care who, or what, took out Syria's internet?

Snowden, you should go to Syria, and let us know when you get there, so we can nuke the place. We'll try to leave the cables and ISPs intact, so you can "tweet" about it afterwards..
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