So I reinstalled windows xP on my dell, and now the internet won't work

By chryssi
Sep 3, 2009
  1. Okay, so I recently got a computer from my grandparents and, wanting a clean slate, we reinstalled windows xP using the CD from the manufacturer that came with it.
    Wanting to get the internet on it, we went to best buy to get a netgear wireless internet adaptor. We installed this, and it asked us to upgrade our version of windows xp at the website it gave us, but since the internet won't work, even though we have it wired to the router itself, we can't upgrade it and now the router keeps flashing "connected" and "connection was lost." I tried installing the broadband drivers onto it from the drivers and utilities discs, and still, no internet. It just won't work.
    I even tried running the command prompt like I was suggested to do by one of my dad's friends, and it wouldn't run the IP configuration.
    Any suggestions (hopefully ones that work), would be great.
  2. Bobbye

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    So you didn't actually have a working system BEFORE you reinstalled Windows XP- right?

    This is puzzling:
    Apparently something was being read> what type of update is being requested? SP1, SP2, SP3?
    Something on the CD isn't 'matching somewhere- give us more info please.

    If you have a LAN set up through a modem, try accessing the internet through that, bypassing the router. IF that works, then the router is either gone bad or isn't configured correctly.
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