So my credit card has been compromised...

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Jun 30, 2006
  1. So, yesterday made a purchase at newegg, but it wasn't like usual. Usually it has me do a "verified by visa" check, since I'm enrolled in the program, but it didn't do that yesterday. I thought it was odd but didn't think much of it. Several hours later I decided to check my credit balance online, to see if my newegg order had been charged through. I was a little nervous when my daily purchases was wrong, so I decide to give visa a call. I then find out that some site has "compromised" my visa and have charged me for some sort of "friend finder" service. My question is how do things like this happen? I think I'm very careful online, and I think newegg is a very respectable seller, and have made numerous puchases before without issue. I don't just hand my info out to everyone, in fact I only purchase from 3 online stores. I don't open attachments, and don't respond to phishing emails, and regularly scan my computer for viruses and spyware. I just don't see how it happened.

    Any thoughts?
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Strange and very worrying mate.

    If I were you I`d run HJT and check for anything that looks even remotely suspicious.

    If you`d like me to take a look for you I`d only be too pleased.

    If a HJT log turns out to be Clean, then I`ve no idea how this could`ve happened, other than maybe one of the online stores you purchase from has been compromised.

    Regards Howard :(
  3. kirock

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    Technically, most thieft is still done by a real person. Some employee at one of those websites, "oh here's an active card, maybe I'll use this number to purchase an on-line srevice for myself".
  4. XenaWP

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    I agree with Kirock. What you described happened to me about 6 months ago: like you I am careful about giving out the card #, scan for spyware routinely, etc. But I noticed during my weekly online Visa check that there was a bogus charge (by some LOSER) for World of Warcraft game time. I contacted the Vendor, who agreed to cancel the charge (fortunately the time had not been used yet), then had Visa change my account number.

    Could have been a lot stickier, but for my weekly checks of account activity.
  5. vnf4ultra

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    Here you go.

    I don't see anything obvious, but something still might be there...
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