Soltek SL 75DRV5 Help - Just Switches Off

By Bulsteruk · 6 replies
Jan 8, 2007
  1. Hi ive had this Soltek SL 75DRV5 for some time now and never had any problems with it since now. Its been with my sister for the past year as i bought a laptop. Now she's given it me back in a state.

    My sister complained that the machine just closes down on its own , And never comes back on by the Power button on the front.

    Since ive had it back i thought id better strip it and give it a good Hoover.

    So that's what i did and it was well dirty. After a good strip and Hoover and clean and put back together i booted it up and worked spot on, Went to the xp and done.

    As its been with my sis for so long i wanted to get a fresh copy of XP on. Did a reboot with XP Formatted HD , Created 2 Partions and started the install NO PROBS here.

    After the install, and after the Movie demo of XP, i started to sort out the setting , i.e Drivers. SO i added a CD in the drive and it happened. It just switched off.

    No the only way i can get this started is by taking the power cable out for a few secs then place it in and hit the start button, Again after reboot it closed down.

    Tried again and it just did it again but earlier

    Can any one advise what the fault is, and how i can sort this.


    AMD XP
    120 HD
    128 G Card
    1 GIG DDR mem
    network Card
    CD rw
    DVD Rw
    1 Extra internal Fan.
    And another Big fan on the processor itself.
    I even stripped the Dual Fan power supply and gave that a good clean.

    I really want this machine up and running coz its my only desktop and i need it now. And its Still well worth the keep.

    Hope ive been clear if not just drop me a mail and ill answer any questions and run any tests.


  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    greetings, welcome to techspot.

    this problem may very well be originating in the motherboard or power supply. soltek is a brand known for cheapness and i have seen quiet a few of them go out in the manner you have described. since a power supply is much easier to swap than a motherboard, i recommend turning your attention to that first.

    what is the brand, model, and power ratings of the power supply? often times, cheaper low-quality supplies will slowly begin to fail until eventually the machine will not turn on at all (will cause the same problems you have described.)
  3. Bulsteruk

    Bulsteruk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    q Tec 400w Dual Fan Gold

    Q Tec 400w Dual Fan Gold - Its only a few years old really . What do you think ?

    Cheers .
  4. venger417

    venger417 TS Rookie

    im understanding from what you said, that it shut down when you went to put a cd in the drive? if so, is that what you did when it shut down the second time? can you boot the computer back up immediately or do you have to let it sit for a while? check the cpu temperature and make sure itsnot overheating. check the fan on the cpu heatsink and make sure its spinning, you already said you cleaned it so that souldnt be the problem.. goodluck
  5. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    can you get ahold of a known good power supply to test in the system? if so, do that before getting a new supply. i think you are in for a new power supply, Q Tec is not known for their great PSUs. i recommend the antec truepower 2.0 500w supply, it supports modular cabling, is cheap, quiet, and of course produces plenty of reliable power. they are selling for $70 (USD) and should be available from any local store or online retailer.

    unpack the supply carefully, as there is a chance that you will need to return it (might not be the cause). if the problem persists, i would turn my attention to the motherboard.
  6. Bulsteruk

    Bulsteruk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorted it with a New PSU X - Power ATX 500TD

    So i did as instructed and bought a new Power Supply to test , i made sure i could get a re fund in case it was not that, Maplins do a 14 day money back Gaurantee.

    I picked up a New PSU X - Power ATX 500TD Dual Fan Black, £44.99 ouch i thought as they did not have the £30 450w in stock.

    The result installed it tested it and left it on over night and it been spot on. Ill be installing all the apps and so on and just hope it dont bomb out again .

    Cheers . for your assisntance .

  7. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    glad i could help
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