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By Swade
Jan 25, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I know q's like these get asked all the time but I need some help finding a virus/spyware on my computer. Everything checks good on spybot and norton and I am somewhat of a newbie on getting more in depth than that. I've head of cool web and some other hidden programs like that but don't really know where to start to find them and then keep them off. Doing a search for the problem is a little bit of an information overload. What I am looking for is someone to post a link or give me some step by step instructions on what to download ect. Here is a basic rundown of the symptoms I am having.

    -Sometimes programs will hang up (and wont close with task manager) and when I restart the computer it may take up to 20 min to restart or not at all.

    -internet is slightly slower.

    -after start up, monitor will sometimes turn off and back on again.

    -downloading and instaling updates or puting on new software usualy takes multiple tries and still dont seem right.

    -basically several problems that were not there before.

    Thanks for any help
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    norton is the problem
    get rid of norton junk. manay many postings here have had problem with norton.
    instead try techspot's recommendations for anti-virus programs.
    most reliable ones:
    microsoft giant anti-virus
    spybot search and destroy
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    First go to another pc if possible.
    ccleaner this antivirus. It can be installed in safe mode.
    get adaware (you can also download the updates in zip form to update withouth internet)
    get spybot search and destroy 1.4
    get spywareblaster 3.4 (i think)
    Hijack this.

    All of these can be installed in safe mode.
    Use ccleaner to clean out all profiles of temp and temp internet files.
    Do a scan for viruses first.
    Then do spyware scans.
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