Sony faces legal issues over crashing PS3 firmware

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Oct 6, 2009
  1. What would you do if your newly purchased gaming console crashed every 15 minutes? You might rage or return it -- but many have resorted to lawsuits. Sony is now facing just such a problem over the PlayStation 3, with a suit seeking class action status trying to get compensation for people affected by defective consoles.

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  2. TomSEA

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    Just play PC games - you can fix your own crashes. ;)
  3. Ummm yeah, can you return your PS3 AND all the PS3 games you purchased?

    And yes, PC gaming is the way to go (if you have the cash for a decent system). It is way more 'fixable' and upgradable.
  4. Adhmuz

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    "isolated" being the key word here, so 1% of consoles could be affected by such a problem, is that considered "isolated" or is that still too high? Where as the X360 has a potential fail rate of 54% Why does it seem none of those X360 failures resulted in lawsuit, or at least a very small margin. For now mine is running without a problem and if I can add the updated interface is no upgrade, its just Sony trying to push their "Playstation Store" further down their clientèles throat while advertising themselves more.

    Too bad they don't say what model was being affected by this problem.

    I'm not a PS3 fanboy, I just dislike Sony less than Microsoft
  5. How about you state your source where Sony said this is their last major update to the ps3?

    Sony is all about updating their system to be the best it can be; If this is their last major update it will be the last one for THIS year.
  6. ace90210

    ace90210 TS Rookie

    in advanced sorry to sound like the nastiest grumpiest snobbiest posting on the web but im tired of seeing sites and posts like this and explaining how WRONG it is and getin people with put politely not to much inteligence tell me in stupid. and btw bad exglish/grammer has v little to nothing to do with IQ but thats another debate anyway...

    firstly for a site called TECHspot u seem to no little about updates. you used the word no more "MAJOR" updates i doubt this fact to be true but if your right how on earth did u come to the conclusion that if its buged it wont be patched now? are you 5 years old or just very stupid major means exactly that it means lots of new content and things to play with fixes are called MINOR updates and they WILL continue until it is bug free or the ps4 is long out and ps3 is no longer wanted. did you think major was to do with how many consoles get the update or something seriously i curoius what goes through dumb peoples heads lol!!

    and yes for those who hate PS3 i do own one i do like it and i do hate microsoft but that doesnt make my statement anyless true i rarely post cause i hate the FAN boy comments and the arguements from people who have about as much IQ as a gold fish!

    its very simple. each console suits a person thers nothing wrong with having any of them however some are flawed badly in areas

    Xbox 360 = gamers console with the best online and community features. built at a price by a company with no soul that couldnt program ping pong (reliably) with a "programming ping pong for dummies guide" also has the hidden costs and IS more expensive in the end than a ps3 because if you own a 360 chances are ur a gamer there for you had to pay for every extra!! oh and btw i also own a 360 because i like games online and like too have the best of everything

    PS3 = media station and hardcore game machine with biggest potential capable of more than 360 but online is poor due to its high purchase price to begin with and poor features community wise the features would seem good if microsoft hadnt managed to do ONE thing right and show the world what online gaming can be and sonys reasonable features suddenly became lame ulesss and seem out dated however the PS3 is better value for money when you consider what you get and accept its ONLY flaw is online a big one i admit but 360's flaws are just as big and in the 100's

    wii = family fun very basic by todays standards pretty much a gimmic that has massive fun for groups but is rubish for proper gamers and as anything but a party toy some could argue wii fit makes it a excersize tool and fair enough but thats like calling dance mix an excersize tool yeh kinda but thers only so much exersize u do do on that spot lol and yes ive used the wii not much though to be fair and i am a nintedo fan at heart i understand the wii but miss the n64 and earlier :(

    anyone who has a reasoned and logical arguement for how im wrong please do correct me those who simple wish to say "Fan boy" or "your grammer and spelling is awful wat do you know" or any other stupid and ilogical counter arguement i say this... "im right your WRONG" lol that simple enough for your 5 IQ???
  7. crazybanana

    crazybanana TS Rookie


    Thats ridiculous
  8. I am truly humbled by such a well considered, intelligent post. Suddenly everything makes sense. How could I have been so blind. My goldfish, however, would like to challenge you to a game of chess.
  9. ha ha where is that "good" Sony customer service now.

    The PC is NOT the Holy Grail - constant upgrades, limited gaming titles, frame rate issues and games that look a little better now and then.

    I'll take that X-Box thank you.
  10. "If this is their last major update it will be the last one for THIS year."
    Ehm, that's exactly what the article says, actually.
  11. firstly for a site called TECHspot u seem to no little about updates. you used the word no more "MAJOR" updates i doubt this fact to be true but if your right how on earth did u come to the conclusion that if its buged it wont be patched now?


    Now for a guy who is going on about how stupid the rest of the world is, i suggest that you read the article properly as you would see that the statment made is that V3.01 will be the last major update of 2009 not the last major update.... If there is a bug with anything then it will be patched but that would be a minor update not a major update in the eyes of sony. To be honest i wouldnt put 3.01 in a major category anyway as it makes very little/if any difference so V3.00 was the last major update of 2009.

    Anyway some of your points were reasoned and good, however i suggest you calm down on calling the rest of the world stupid as not all of us are.
  12. ¼ of a hotdog

    ¼ of a hotdog TS Enthusiast Posts: 188

    I respect your opinions though I rightfully disagree.

    The reason it’s called techspot is because it’s a PC tech site that was founded in the late 90s. If you browse the site you will notice it almost exclusively focuses upon PC hardware, software, and games though a fair percentage PC owners also have consoles, hence the occasional article about consoles. The site posts many news articles in rapid succession, most if which seem to be restricted to 3 paragraphs and very few links of reference so there are bound to be errors in the way things are phrased. Ignoring the way the articles are written one probable cause for the word "major" being used before there was a correction is that in updates for PC software the creators may only add a handful of new features but they may or may not fix hundreds of bugs, most of which may or may not have effected a significant percentage of users potentially making the updates "major".

    Microsoft is actually quite proficient in the development of software due to the fact that they were founded in 1975 and have grown to be the single largest software developer in existence. They used to be pretty aggressive as well though new laws are prohibiting them from doing what they once did. In the days before PCs were very user friendly they would ether purchase, overly aggressively compete with or even attempt to destroy any company that made a rival or successful program. On the other hand they are not a hardware manufacturer so the physical hardware in there consoles is not always up to par with what other companies put in there's. One such company is Sony who I believe was the first company to mass produce a portable transistor based radio. An affordable portable radio may not sound like much now but this was long before any MP3 player, portable video player, cell phone, digital camera, diskman, or even walkman existed, in fact it was when you could rarely get more than a few channels on your TV! Sony does make some nice software, such as Sony Vegas, but Microsoft has made software to fill more niches then Sony can. Microsoft also makes a lot of software targeted at businesses. Businesses need more of any one product than any other single market and will over time become so faithful to Microsoft that they will ignore any alternatives even if they are completely free. Due to this nearly unstoppable income Microsoft can almost always put enough funds into a project to surpass almost any competitor, but because nothing or at least nothing I can think of will bring in more profit then it would take to do this, they don't actually do so.

    I apologize if I have made factual errors in this or if I have come off as an irrational person, my excuse being that it is quite late.

    PS Writing this has helped calm me and taken my mind off of the irrational things I worry about in my life, thank you I shall sleep well tonight!!!
  13. YES i WANT A BRAND NEW 60GB WITH PS2 hardware to replace my broken one

    Will not Read blu-ray disks it Stoped WORKING after 1 day when it was updated to 3.01

    !!NO SLIM!! i also want my Save Data Transfer to the new system & all other data
  14. PC... Limited gaming titles? I really hope you are kidding. That made me lol. I will take framerate issues of complete hardware failure any day. PC > Xbox
  15. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,715   +856

    LOL...that was the weakest attempt EVAH for putting down PC gaming. "Constant upgrades?' How about once every four years - about the same as buying a new console. "Limited gaming titles?" Really...I look at, Steam,, D2D, etc. and I see hundreds if not thousands of games available. You must be talking about the 80% of games issued for consoles that are absolute crap. Oh yeah, then there's the community built add-on's that you can't get with consoles. And frame rate issues? That's the biggest laugher of them all. My PC can absolutely smoke like a cheap cigar any console as far as framerate and overall graphics.

    Bottom line - if video gaming is important to you and part of your recreational lifestyle, then you know that no console will ever, EVER come close to comparing to what a PC offers.
  16. I got a gaming PC and video consoles. It's not my concern in life which is better or bashing others for their personal choice. Both have it's advantages and disadvantages.
  17. polidiotic

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    *2 thumbs up*
  18. How about you read the entire thread before posting

    "Sony might face a bigger issue though, as they claim the 3.01 firmware was the last major release for 2009"
  19. yukka

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    hes a bit of an "ace hole" if you know what i mean eh? roflcopter

    anyway, good to see sony getting a tiny bit of bad press about charging people to fix consoles taken out by firmware updates. amusing.

    however, im done knocking the ps3. its good value for money now. however, i am saving all my hate for the pspGo!! 25quid less than a ps3? lol thats funny.

    pc games are great. consoles are great. benefit of a console over a pc online? less cheating usually - and less instant death from people amazing twitchy mouse reactions.
  20. This post is true, many ps3 models are affected with this firmware that kill Blue ray... And Sony now ask for $150 to fix their problem.. I can't believe that..
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