Sony FMP-X1 4K media player to arrive this summer for $699

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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If you’re in the market for one of Sony’s new 4K LED televisions then you’ll no doubt be interested in picking up the accompanying 4K media streaming box. The company announced pricing and availability for the FMP-X1 media player as...

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TS Special Forces
If they can get that 84 inch 4K screen below 10K I'll grab one of those and then this might be appealing.


TS Evangelist
It's sound very nice and all but I'll wait for 4k to become mainstream AND a drastic price reduction before I take any real interest.


TS Evangelist
I think 4k is the next step. Not this gimmicky 3D BS.
Then OLED. Then glasses free 3D. The 3D era we are in now is failing but for some reason they wanna continue to play that game.
And they push passive 3D like it's an improvement! "Look, you can play split-screen games in full screen! We just scale up the picture and distort it, and you can see the other 'screen', but BUY ME!"
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