Sony PSN service renamed Sony Entertainment Network


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Sony has announced that its PlayStation Network (PSN) service will be rebranded Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) on February 8 after a scheduled software and firmware update going out this week…

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Momma didn't raise no senner. I'm failing to see Sony's latest strategies catch any air with consumers, but I'm sure stock holders love hearing about them.


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The underlying strategy is simple. PSN got took down by Anonymous and everybody knows and remembers that. If they stop calling it PSN, people will forget and trust them again.

This plan, of course, relies on everybody else being stupid. how could it fail?


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Translation: PSN has a bad name because we ****ed up big time, to remedy this, we'll change the name and feign ignorance when it is compared to SEN, while hiding behind the facade of a ,"software and firmware update."

Did I get that right?


You guys got it all wrong. SEN (or SNE) was mentioned well before the PSN attack. Which hasn't been performed by Anonymous anyway. It also makes sense to change name, because there are televisions with access to the PSN (for the movies). This step is bigger than how you describe it.