Sony: PSP2 "is as powerful as the PlayStation 3"

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Jan 13, 2011
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  1. Sony is reportedly pitching the PSP2 as a high-end portable equivalent to its PS3. The gaming content on the platform will clearly differentiate the handheld from Apple's and Google's mobile products as well as the games found on the App Store and the Android Market.

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  2. Hope they pull it off and make some awesome games.


    I suspect you would need a small pocket powerplant to play, that would be some serious power draw even comparing it to new generation mobile graphics platforms on laptops and portable games are nearly always crappy cut down versions of home console games.


    I hope they pull it off
  3. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 839   +29

    Sony has made some fairly powerful consoles, they just have a bad habit of using somewhat unique architecture for their hardware so it takes the developers a while to get caught up with how to push the max outa it but any ways...
    I honestly wouldn't put it past Sony to make a handheld almost as powerful as the PS3. They always seem to come up with interesting new was to put hardware together. But I do agree with the guest up there about battery life. High performance takes juice.
  4. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,229   +1,306

    Like thats hard, the PS3 is 5 years old now. Just look at a lot of the smartphones out there.
  5. Jibberish18

    Jibberish18 TS Evangelist Posts: 626   +75

    It probably won't be as powerful. Some things it'll probably do very well and maybe very close, but I don't think it'll exactly match. I guess it's all in the developer and how they utilize the hardware. Check out this video to compare the PSP original to the PS2.
  6. I think it is possible since a handheld run the games at a very tinny resolution compared to a ps3. First time I think one of the crazy statements of sony is true lol
  7. Mizzou

    Mizzou TS Enthusiast Posts: 823

    Guess it's never too early to fire up the hype machine ... this of course has nothing to do with the soon to be launched Nintendo 3DS platform. Think Jibberish18 is close to the mark, it will do some things comparable to the PS3 but the PSP2 will fall short of the overall functionality that the PS3 offers.
  8. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    unless nvidia launches mobile RSX or equivalent... this claim will not hold true

    i've become sort of a sony fanboy in the past few years, but it's fact that the PS3 is indeed the most powerful console available from a technical standpoint. i don't see any practical way for sony to stuff that power into a mobile device without extremely efficient micro architecture and power source. it's fun to think about though
  9. The CPU in the PS3 is more powerful than in the Xbox 360 but it's GPU is actually inferior. It is based on the 7950GT vs. the unified shader code of the 360, which has embedded RAM that allows 4AA at minimal performance hit. At this point even the slowest NV mobile GPU such as the GT520M with 48 shader processors will easily beat a 7950GT in the PS3. So it wouldn't be too hard too hard to have a GPU faster than the ancient 7900 series in a handheld in 2011. Of course we know that graphics don't make for a successful console alone. The games have to be fun too.
  10. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    Still waiting for the PS3 to be as awesome as Sony said it would be. I won't be buying a PSP2. Already mentioned but the portability of the system will be compromised anyway due to battery life if its that powerful.
  11. My son already has a PSP with the UMD drive and 16 GB RAM. I am not buying another handheld until it breaks. But I always thought the PSP was just a click behind the PS2 as far as performance.
  12. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ,,,

    i want a PSP2, want it powerful, cool & stay cold while using little power & hard to hack ....

  13. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,095   +864

    I agree totally! I have a brand new Xbox 360 and a Brand New slim (gotta love after Christmas sales!)

    Loading the same game the PS3 on the majority of games I own (including several cross platform games) are far slower at loading on the playstation 3?

    So i replaced the hard drive with a WD Black Edition drive and this did help alot but even so, some games still loaded up faster on the xbox?

    Why does my more expensive console load slower?

    People rant about the PS3 being more powerful and this is the first time i've owned one and i've had an xbox since launch but still. I did expect alot greater things from it especially considering Sony told us it was going to be awesome "in a few years".
  14. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Because the PS3 had the dumbest architecture since the atari jaguar. No developer should have to put up with how bad it is, so they don't.
  15. My days of buying a portable gaming device are over period. I'm sure some small market will exist. Not making a prophecy here, but I would not be surprised if this endevour as well as the 3DS barely break even and this is the last of dedicated, portable gaming systems.

    My family has five children. In the past three years we have bought 4 PSP, 4 versions of DS, 4 ipod touch, 2 blackberrys, and 3 android phones (Two more coming in a couple months.) On top of all that we have PS3, 2 laptops, 1 gaming PC and sold the 360 yesterday. Each of these systems have at least a dozen games, many times duplicates.

    I done trying to keep up. I'm going to maintain one gaming PC, one family entertainment device and one portable device for each person as appropriate. If the portable device doesn't make phone calls AND fill our gaming needs, we aren't going to own it.
  16. slh28

    slh28 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,706   +172

    Let's hope the screen resolution on the PSP2 is decent... going from my iPhone 4 to the original PSP makes the PSP look very pixelated.
  17. Sony is screwed with the PSP2. I am almost certain it will not be on the PS3 level of graphics. It may have HD cut scenes and things of that nature.

    The mobile gaming world will be dominated by Nintendo and Apple.
  18. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    the reason a lot of PS3 games load slower is because some of the games are nearly 50GB! if you install parts onto your hard drive it will increase the speed substantially with most games. it's not rocket science... or even regular science. it's called dual layer blu-ray, as opposed to the regular DVD+R DL media.

    i have both consoles and will stick by my opinion, but i would like to ask... has anyone who touts the X360 the superior unit ever even opened one up? it's laughable... the motherboard has no solid state caps, the CPU and GPU are partially glued to the PCB (because they overheat) and the disk drives are el-cheapo DVD-R drives with a specialized interface. that's pretty much it. the PS3 has all solid state caps, lower voltage and a more efficient cooling system with a Blu-Ray drive and have had optical audio and wifi built in from the start. i like both consoles but there is really no comparison.
  19. Sunny87

    Sunny87 TS Enthusiast Posts: 115   +11

    I'm sorry I do have to disagree where the Xbox 360 slim is involved it's a much better design granted than the old shape 360 where I will agree with you is rubbish, and sorry but the blu-ray drive in the PS3 is el-cheapo too I'm afraid to say, with it's max read speeds of 6x if that, and I'm sorry thats where the PS3 goes wrong and the 360 got it spot on, Blu-ray adoption in consoles could have waited until the new consoles are released, they would have been able to get faster drives in the PS4 and at a better price, hence the 360's dual layer drive runs at much faster speed for a lower manufacturing cost and lower cost to the consumer.

    The most repairs I do are on PS3 blu-ray drives that fail completely and it doesn't even do anything anymore, and the YLOD and RROD are exactly the same issue as each other and are the result of cramming as much tech into the smallest most confined space as possible.

    You don't here people say "I'm going to buy the PS3 because it's an expensive blu-ray player" they say "I'm going to buy a PS3 because it's a cheap blu-ray player" clue is in the statement.

    The major issue I have with the PS3 is how ar** about face it is, all the development costs went into designing and getting the CELL CPU and then they realized "Oh C**P! we forgot the GPU"

    Where Microsoft said "lets put a good cpu in the in the system and then back it up with a really good gpu" now I'm talking about way back in 2005 so don't start quoting tech we have today with then at me because thats just stupid and narrow minded the CPU and GPU are one unit on the 360 now and that was just a dream that I never even considered a possibility in 2005.

    Your living in a dream world if you think Microsoft and Sony are going to agree in 2011 to use tech thats expensive and to costly to them and sell it at a loss to the consumer Sony learned that mistake quick where the CELL is concerned, to prove my point try building a gaming PC where you make a profit out of it by selling it on but the customer has a budget of £600 and out of that you need Windows 7, LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse and a PC capable of mid range games, you can't sit there and tell me you would buy an i7 and the latest graphics card and main board!

    On the PSP2 hype is all it is as there bum is going on the fact Nintendo secured glasses free 3D screen and it's going to get people talking and saying "Why do I have to wear these glasses to see 3D on my tv and not on the 3DS?" and by people I mean the average non tech savy consumer!
  20. Well that would almost hold true except for the fact the the first generation Xbox 360s suffered from the terrible red screen problem.

    The new generation ones have a redesigned CPU/GPU that overcomes this problem but a lot of consumers that bought the original suffered from a defective device.

    The truth of the matter is that neither of these machines are always perfect. You just never know what you are going to get.

    For example I own all the machines of the previous generation (The Game Cube, The Original X-Box and The Slim PS2 and some people may have had some problems with some of them (particularly the original PS2 which I saw many times in other peoples homes scratching the disks by spiting them out while still spinning, though the slim PS2 corrected that by using a lid to access the disk like the Game Cube) but those 3 old machines are still working fine for me.

    The only thing is that my Game Cube lid doesn't remain close anymore cause whatever kept the lid shut got damaged with time but this was recently and I bough it when it was first launched and it still works just fine, all I have to do is put something heavy enough on top to close the lid and presto! they all still work so in my case those 3 were of particular good quality but you never know with other people.

    As for the new generation of game machines I haven't bought any of them yet, I'm using a high end PC that I acquired for other jobs as my current gaming machine at the moment and I'm happy with that. :)
  21. ...and the icon of the article shows an Xbox controller. Awesome.
  22. I don't think this trend is good for gamers.

    Sony's strategy everytime seems to boil down to "Make it 10 times more powerful than our last hardware release" in contrast to Nintendo who tend to focus on innovation. This will mean game development costs will rise and the cost will have to be passed on to consumers.

    Sony's record of making it's machines developer friendly is also very poor. This could discourage teams developing for a new machine when they could, for the same amount time and trouble, develop for PS3 which has a far more established consumer base that provides a solid expectation for a return on investment.

    PSP games in general seemed to be lazy spin off titles which is why it never appealed to me and I feel this will be the case again for PSP2. I think Sony need to build much simpler portable machines with games designed to be played on the go rather than console games being shoehorned onto handheld platform.

    I'm not a fanboy of any sort btw, just my two cents.

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