Sophos: 66% of lost USB drives are infected, none are encrypted


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A little over a year ago, Avast released a report informing computer users about the increasing number of malware attacks targeting USB drives and Windows' AutoRun feature. The security outfit…

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Took some photos on my usb in for printing & found that my key had been infected.
In the end those boxes are just pc's anyway...

Keep your AV updated!


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As for poor PC (and to some extent, Mac) hygiene; I'm not surprised. What concerns me is the fact that the train auction folk's didn't wipe the drives before they went onto auction :)

There were sensitive data on the drives, after all...


I heard of a security firm doing a test by dropping infected USB's in the parking lot. Now the infection only alerted the security firm that it was active and was not malware. Just install TrueCrypt and you can at least protect your personal data.