Audio Soundblaster Z woes


TS Booster
Hi, I recently got my second SBZ card since the first was a tacky POS that had a faulty mic, the entire thing needed to be RMA'd.

Now I got my second one and the mic is broken again, this time it seems like the card itself is broke as NO mics will work when plugged into it. Mics used to work (only had the card about a month).

This makes me so mad, why are creative pumping out such terribly made pieces of crap?

I've heard that SBZ are the very BEST sound cards, is that true? Because this makes me want to never touch anything from creative ever again.

Also this beamforming mic thing, now I've experienced it I CAN NEVER go back to using normal mics. PLEASE tell me beamforming mics don't only come with SBZ cards.

Guys I need to try to get this mic thing fixed (if possible), I've contacted creative support but I've heard nothing from them yet.
I would also like to know what other sound card I could get and what other beamforming mic I could get because let's face it, this SBZ is gonna be RMA'd again.

I seriously want to murder everyone at creative.